Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How to promote your event through great storytelling [HEALTHCARE EXAMPLE]

A lot of event promotion I see out there is, well, just very promotional. Here’s our event The time Date Maybe the purpose is stated And whatever it is that we want from you – often to give us money to attend But having unique events and promotions of those events can help organizations and their […]

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SPOTLIGHT: What’s thoughtful strategy?

Every once in a while, I like to highlight other blogs here in the Spotlight section. Let me introduce you to Kelsey Guetschow, who blogs over at The Thoughtful Strategist. Kelsey and I are also writing a customer service book together that should come out later this year. I’ve send her some questions and here […]

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Blog Spotlight: Grabbing the good life of being your own boss

Christoph Trappe

December 4, 2014


Joshua and Marie McNary share stories from a one-income, entrepreneurial family living in Eastern Iowa’s Creative Corridor on their new blog, Grabbing the Good Life. I’m sharing some insights here on why they started the blog and what they hope to accomplish. (If you know of other blogs to spotlight here, please contact me here.) Q: Tell us […]

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Blogging Topics: “Regular doses of common sense”

Patrick Phillips blogs at Patrick’s Place where he aims to share “regular doses of common sense.” He is active on Twitter and shares thoughts and insights with others during weekly Twitter chats. He answered some questions about blogging for us in this edition of The Authentic Storytelling Project’s Spotlight. Question: How did you get the blog started? […]

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Blogging Topics: Writing Tips for Bloggers and Others

Erin Becker is a writer, editor and writing coach in Iowa’s Creative Corridor and blogs about writing-related topics at What a cool URL, by the way. We talked with her about her blog and how she manages it. Question:Why did you decide to start this blog? Erin:I started blogging while I was still living […]

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