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Should my event hashtag include the year?


September 15, 2016

Social media

More events than not need a hashtag in 2016, 2017 and likely for many years to come. Event organizers can use the hashtag to make announcements and share information on Twitter and Instagram. Attendees can share their thoughts and observations. Recommended reading:  How to tweet from conferences  But what makes a good event hashtag? The […]

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Why I won’t be doing roundup posts

Roundup posts are a bit of the rage right now in the content marketing world. Bloggers interview real and perceived experts and people who have large followings. They will then publish a post with all their opinions, link to the experts and most of the experts will also link back to the post and even […]

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How to turn Periscope live video notifications on directly in  the Twitter app 


September 7, 2016

Social media, Technology

Twitter continues to integrate Periscope more and more into Twitter apps.  Smart move! It makes so much sense with Twitter having many times the registered users compared to Periscope. I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road we can do live Periscope videos directly in the Twitter app.  One of the biggest complains I hear […]

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Conference tips: How to network with speakers in 2016 and into 2017


September 2, 2016

Social media

As we are heading into busy conference months what are the best ways to connect with influencers, speakers and really anyone?

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How do you use previously taken photos and videos in Instagram Stories?

You may have seen highly produced video and great-looking graphics in some people’s and brand’s Instagram Stories, which are supposed to be short stories from the last 24 hours.  How do people do that if they have to shoot Stories in the app? There’s a trick that is build into the Instagram app but it’s […]

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How to add Instagram Stories to your regular Instagram feed


August 29, 2016

Social media

I’ve been watching other people’s Instagram Stories, which are Instagram’s version of Snapchat Stories and delete after 24 hours.  Many shoot Instagram Story photos and videos directly in the Stories function and don’t import previously taken media, though you can do that.  Recommended reading: How to add previously taken media to Instagram Stories You can […]

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LinkedIn’s “Your Connections in the News” emails and notifications connect “traditional” media with social media

LinkedIn now sends emails and alerts that share mentions of people in your networks across the web. I’ve enjoyed the updates very much as they include news about people that I’m connected to and care about. It appears that – as the title says with “connections” – that the notifications  are about people that we […]

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Once you have an audience, don’t exploit it, but offer even more value!

Social media, blogging, really anything online (and offline, too) is really a numbers game.  The more relevant audience members (aka interested community members) you connect with the more impact your content can make and that ultimately leads to more meaningful connections and also business conversions.  More things to read:  How to find your organization’s content […]

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Why you should never just tweet out headlines 


August 17, 2016

Social media

Many people – including myself – share links on Twitter to blog posts and other website content that we think our audiences might find interesting.  That, of course, is because it works. People on Twitter click on links. Twitter has sent most social media traffic to my blog this year – five times as much […]

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Live social media video site Blab is dead and here’s what that means to your digital planning  

The site and app allowed up to four people to be on-screen at the same time and have a conversation. Almost 4 million users joined in just a year and the site had some advantages to other live video sites – mainly that four people could have a live conversation and Blabs could be embedded […]

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Does Twitter allow you to repeat Tweets?


August 16, 2016

Social media

To learn how to retweet yourself read this article here! Yes, as of August 2016, Twitter still allows the repeating of Tweets within reason and you can even retweet yourself. I do repeat myself on Twitter and use to do that. But here’s my typical rule: I usually don’t repeat a tweet – if it’s worth repeating […]

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Why you’d want to apply to verify your Twitter account 


August 11, 2016

Social media

In August 2016, Twitter opened up the application process to verify accounts – meaning you get the little blue checkmark and Twitter confirms it’s you.  Accounts of public interest have a chance to get verified and the process is pretty straight forward.  Apply  Upload an image of your driver’s license Share two supporting links of […]

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Instagram Stories delete after 24 hours but is that privacy?

In early August 2016, Instagram announced and launched Instagram Stories. From the Instagram blog:  You can bring your story to life in new ways with text and drawing tools. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed. Read more here  Stories show up at […]

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