Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Does social media advertising work? Yes! Exhibit 1: Russian political ads in the United States

Advertising really does get a bad rep and much of it is actually deserved. Advertising and commercials rob us off time that we could spend on other things and can be quite annoying. That’s why online ad blockers are continuing to become more and more popular. But here’s the reality of things: Social media advertising […]

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How to get more views on LinkedIn …

You may have noticed some kind of posts appearing more often on the top of our newsfeeds than others. To me, it appeared that the posts that would show up in my feed at the top more often than not we’re the ones that were more conversational, a little longer and told a little bit […]

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TURNED OFF: Have you noticed a decrease in Twitter direct messages?

Many people complain about auto direct messages on Twitter and they can be annoying, but when done well they can be very helpful. Here's how.

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How do I know when somebody tagged me or my brand in an Instagram Story?

Christoph Trappe

September 17, 2017

Social media

I like Instagram and Instagram Stories but notifications of tags in Stories leaves something to be desired. So what happens when somebody tags you in their Story? You as the tagged person or brand gets a direct message letting you know that somebody tagged you: Of course, as of September 2017 Instagram does not offer […]

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HT to Instagram for rolling out more transparency in sponsored content

Sponsored and influencer content has been a topic of interest to me-especially since I’ve participated in influencer programs myself. How to hire me as an influencer And the Federal Trade Commission in the United States has some strict rules around influencers disclosing to their audiences when something is a partnership. Basically it boils down to […]

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