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Who has some of the best customer service on Twitter?

Twitter seems to be my go-to nowadays to get a customer service question answered or issue resolved. The social team is often easier to reach than somebody on the phone. And many times quicker. And I don’t have to wait on hold. So here are my examples of Twitter account with best customer service in […]

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Why your blog post should still have share buttons

I try not to make this a rant but I've seen an unfortunate trend lately of more and more blog posts that don't have share buttons. Of course, as you can see on this blog I have share buttons at the bottom of each post. In reality I probably should have them at the top […]

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New Twitter algorithm: How personalized content can actually hurt publishers

July 31, 2017 update  Twitter now allows users to mark specific tweets in their timeline as not relevant. Simply  click on the arrow top right of the tweet and that  gives you these options: Marking a tweet as “I don’t like” reportedly helps Twitter serve you more relevant tweets. You can also unfollow, mute or […]

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Instagram: How to create a video out of your Instagram Story

I like Instagram Stories to share pictures and videos from throughout the day but that don't necessarily have to be to the same level of storytelling as regular Instagram posts. Instagram Stories, of course, delete after 24 hours, but there are a few ways to extend those stories' life. You can: share Stories videos or […]

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What’s better for recommendations: Nextdoor or Facebook?

Finding recommendations and ideas for service providers is of course easier than ever online. We can Google it, Facebook about it or maybe search Pinterest for ideas. And now as of summer 2017 or a few months ago, Facebook allows you to ask your network for recommendations specifically. Here's how that looks when you post […]

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How to automatically use LinkedIn to prepare for upcoming meetings

Knowing our audiences can really be helpful sharing our stories and information in a more effective way. Also, and I learned  this the hard way speaking at some conferences, the diversity of audience members is also important to know. Some topics may not be of interest to some audience members and some topics may be […]

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