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TURNED OFF: Have you noticed a decrease in Twitter direct messages?

Many people complain about auto direct messages on Twitter and they can be annoying, but when done well they can be very helpful. Here's how.

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How do I know when somebody tagged me or my brand in an Instagram Story?

Christoph Trappe

September 17, 2017

Social media

I like Instagram and Instagram Stories but notifications of tags in Stories leaves something to be desired. So what happens when somebody tags you in their Story? You as the tagged person or brand gets a direct message letting you know that somebody tagged you: Of course, as of September 2017 Instagram does not offer […]

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HT to Instagram for rolling out more transparency in sponsored content

Sponsored and influencer content has been a topic of interest to me-especially since I’ve participated in influencer programs myself. How to hire me as an influencer And the Federal Trade Commission in the United States has some strict rules around influencers disclosing to their audiences when something is a partnership. Basically it boils down to […]

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Is it even worth using hashtags on Twitter?

I’ve been in client meetings where the use of hashtags is hotly debated: Should we use a branded hashtag? (Christoph: Usually: No!!!) Should we use a generic one? (Christoph: Probably not!) Should we research who else uses it? (Christoph: Yes, but keep in mind that even if nobody uses it today they can start using […]

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Is Facebook trying to get us to participate more? (Comments in timelines and more)

You may have noticed the updates to the Facebook app in August 2017. It looks nicer – and this is from a guy who hardly ever notices the “looking nicer updates.” It seems to be more readable to me as well. And Facebook is really trying to get to us to engage more and post […]

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INBOUND TIPS: Before you change your job on LinkedIn have a strategy

You got a new job and you’re ready to change your LinkedIn profile. Ready to update that online listing with your new place of employment, maybe a higher title and updated responsibilities. Ready to share some news! But before you do that did you think about what the posting will do to your network? Or, […]

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