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Judge me: I likely won’t sit here for an hour for this Twitter chat and here’s why


December 21, 2016

Social media

I love Twitter and Twitter chats but participating in an uninterrupted hour of a Twitter chat – even the ones I love – is unlikely. Not because I don’t want to give the time, but often it just won’t work because of, you know, life! People have taken me to task for it:  Pushes content  […]

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How to drive website traffic from Instagram Stories 

As you’ve heard me say many times, I think there’s way too much link dumping happening on social media but people share links because people click and social media can drive website traffic. I’m not changing my conceptual opinion on the matter but this storytelling tactic which requires you to click for the full story […]

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FACEBOOK LIVE: How to get rid of those gray bars while doing a Facebook Live

I was doing a Facebook Live from my 9-year-old’s piano performance the other day and was slightly annoyed by the gray bars when I played the video back later on my laptop. Seemed less than perfect to me and I wanted to finally figure out what was causing it. I was actually made aware of […]

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What’s with all the links on social media?


December 17, 2016

Social media, Strategies

Some days I look at my Twitter stream and every single Tweet is asking me to click on a link for more information on whatever topic the Tweet mentioned. Given that stories can be told in Tweets there’s really no need to link all the time. I link on Twitter, too. But not all the time. Twitter […]

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More live video please: How to now also do live video directly in Twitter


December 16, 2016

Social media

Twitter announced in December 2016 that it will now integrate live video directly into its app. Up to this point, Twitter users could go live on Twitter-owned Periscope. Adding it natively into the app makes sense but is it really a differentiator? Instagram and Facebook – with much bigger user bases, according to Pew – […]

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UPDATED: How to save Periscope livestreams for longer than 24 hours

Dec. 15, 2016 update Live video powered by Periscope is now also doable inside the Twitter app. Many of the tips below apply there too. June 24, 2016 update  Once you finish your Scope scroll down to change the expiration of the video. Here’s how it looks as of today:  May 28, 2016 update  According […]

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Why did my business Instagram post to my personal Facebook wall?


December 14, 2016

Social media

To get the Contact button on Instagram  your Instagram account can’t be a personal account and has to be tied to a Facebook page. (More on that here.) Making that move to a business Instagram account also means you lose the ability to push photos over natively to your personal Facebook account. They now go […]

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UPDATED: How to create Twitter Moments from mobile or desktop


December 10, 2016

Social media

As of early December 2016, you can also create Twitter Moments from the mobile app. As is often the case with new social media features, it’s kind of hidden. In fact, I didn’t find it when I was looking for it and stumbled across it later while I was trying to do something else. How […]

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How to do a podcast and Periscope live video at the same time

With the multitude of channels out there today we should always aim to use every piece of content on at least six channels, maybe even more, depending on what the piece of content is. A blog post can be split off into at least a dozen or so social media posts. A tweet can be […]

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How YouTube owns my “TV prime time”

More and more, YouTube is what’s streaming at our house during the traditional TV evening prime time slots. It’s not that I totally hate watching TV, but endless commercial breaks make sure to push me to go and find something else to do.  Attention earned needs to be re-earned over and over. And commercials just […]

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U.S. Election 2016: How to use the new Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks on Periscope, the live video app


November 5, 2016

Social media

Three days before the election in the United States, Periscope, the live social media video app, pushed out an update to offer Scopers the “opportunity” to put on a mask of the two presidential candidates and talk with that on. The masks’ mouths even move when you talk. Of course, I wanted to test and […]

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Why we shouldn’t take that social media photo – sometimes!

Fall in Iowa is beautiful, though a bit too cold for me. It’s actually surprisingly hard to take a good fall photo. This, for example, looked a lot better offline: I spotted the scenery during a walking meeting in 2016 and actually took this shot 4-5 times. Ugh. The photo isn’t showing how it looks […]

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How I’ve trended on Twitter in two cities – Mumbai and Oklahoma City 


October 30, 2016

Social media

My speeches have now twice trended on Twitter in the cities where I was giving them. The first time was Mumbai, India, in 2015, when I was giving a keynote at a blogging conference. Every slide had my Twitter handle on it and I actively encouraged tweeting during the talk. “Please make sure to tag […]

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