Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Mission Impossible: Not everyone’s year was great


December 27, 2014

Social media, Stories

Facebook in 2014 automatically assembled photo albums that highlighted each person’s year. Users had the option of sharing the albums with their networks and could edit the default copy provided by Facebook, which read: It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it. This copy, which was kept and published by many […]

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When to use a filter on your photos

Social media networks like Instagram and Twitter make it easy for us to add a filter to our photos. Sometimes that can make photos look better or at least more artistic. Sometimes adding a filter is the only way to make some photos viewable. I once shot a photo in a dark/low-light setting and the […]

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What should brands do on social media on a holiday?

With the holiday season around the corner, what should brands say on social media? In general, brands should only be talking about the holidays when they have something to do with them. Everyone getting on Facebook and posting “Happy Thanksgiving” gets old quickly and is a bit lazy. It’s just as bad as some brands […]

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Things we do online, but not usually offline


November 13, 2014

Social media

As you know, I love the opportunities online publishing has given all of us. We can publish our own stories, connect with people and easily research topics of interest. But there are some things that many of us do online, that we¬†hardly ever do offline. Some examples: Winking at people. ūüėČ Rolling on the floor […]

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How to find credible content and how to be seen as credible online

On November 10, 2014, I was the guest on #socialchat on Twitter and we discussed how to know if content is credible online and how to be seen as credible. Here are some of the questions that we discussed: How do we know content shared is credible? Credibility is established over time. Often traditional media […]

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Offline behavior can help online engagement

Part of any online engagement strategy – like blogging or social media – can include offline components. After all, people still spend some time offline and face to face – as hard as some people might find that to believe. I like to do this through a few ways: I have printed business cards for […]

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My Twitter pet peeves …


October 21, 2014

Social media

I love Twitter and have made many meaningful connections over the years. But there are some practices that don’t necessarily add much to the conversation, in my opinion. In no particular order, here are some of them: Sending automated direct messages thanking people for following. Telling new followers they should also follow you on Facebook. […]

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Why is it so hard to respond on social media?

Twenty percent of brands don’t respond at all to customers on social media, according to this PR Daily article from July 2014. That’s better than the 70 percent cited in this 2011 Convince and Convert article. Responding to people sounds easy in theory. Somebody says something to us, we respond. We do it all the […]

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Who should run social media? Communications, the expert or an agency?

As many organizations are realizing that social media is not just a fad and a valuable channel for customer acquisition, the question arises: Who should run our branded social media account? Your options include: Marketing, communications or a related function in that area of the business An agency The expert – the person who has […]

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Pre-beheading photos are graphic because we know what happens next


September 3, 2014

Social media, Stories

Two American journalists were beheaded by masked men in the Middle East in 2014. Photos of the scenes right before the beheadings were shown constantly on some TV channels and circulated on social media. Some people mentioned seeing video posted of the actual beheadings. I didn’t watch those and also didn’t seek them out. A […]

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PODCAST: Content marketing helps experts become wider known

This podcast discusses how content marketing doesn’t make experts but helps already-existing experts become more widely known and why they would even want to. Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? Try the transcript below: Hi there, Christoph Trappe here with the Authentic Storytelling Project, and today I want to talk about how content […]

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PODCAST: What if your positive authentic stories turn negative?

Sharing our authentic stories publicly can be rewarding to the person sharing them and the audience consuming them. But, what if our positive stories turn negative? This podcast uses the story surrounding the birth of our second daughter in July 2014 as an example.    

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Social Media Participation is a Mindset

Effective social media participation starts with the right mindset. However we look at our social media channels is how we’ll participate on them. If we think of them as traditional marketing channels – like billboards, TV commercials and newspaper ads – we will post things that are in line with those channels. That’s when we […]

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