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How to measure social media impact: Sometimes it’s impossible!


February 13, 2015

Social media, Strategies

Impressions, click-throughs, likes and so on are all social media metrics that help us measure what is and isn’t working. For example, my Tweets had 274,000 impressions in December 2014, a metric that jumped to 455,700 impressions in January. When your reach jumps that much, you’ll notice it. More people start connecting, Retweeting and reaching out […]

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Perception matters, according to my seven-year-old


February 11, 2015

Social media, Stories

I agree! We all make snap judgments and form an opinion in seconds. Sometimes, that decision impacts future decisions. I was reminded of this while driving my seven-year-old daughter to school. We discussed her thoughts about college after she brought up the topic. She mentioned that she would like to go to a college in […]

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To rise above the noise, whisper more relevant things

I hear a lot of talk about brands needing to “rise above the noise” with their content. Unfortunately, some people take that to mean that they have to be louder – kind of like my kids… When my seven-year-old is a bit loud while I’m watching TV, I might turn the TV’s volume up a […]

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Why community manager is not an entry-level role


January 25, 2015

Social media

January 26, 2015, is Community Manager Appreciation Day and in honor of all the great community managers out there, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss why community manager is not necessarily an entry-level role. What’s a community manager anyway? Often these roles take care of the social media accounts of one or more organizations. […]

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Not sure offline, so I checked online


January 24, 2015

Social media

I was having a great workout at the gym next to another guy. I thought that he looked familiar but he didn’t give me the impression that he was thinking the same about me. I thought he looked like a teammate of mine when I was on the Iowa football team in the 1990s. But […]

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Everyone is an influencer to somebody

Marketing to an influencer is one of the latest marketing trends. You need to reach a bunch of people in a certain demographic or interest group, so you go out and identify somebody that this particular group listens to. You’ll then somehow reach out to this influencer and try to get him or her to […]

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Behaviors overrule disclaimers


January 21, 2015

Social media

We’ve seen the disclaimers: All Tweets are my own. Tweets do not represent my employer’s view. RTs are not endorsements. Following somebody isn’t an endorsement. I’ve even seen some people link to additional pages of disclaimers. I’m sure they will be read as often as those Terms and Conditions many of us accept in a […]

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The speed at which we respond on social media is important

It might even be nearly as important as what we actually say, said Scott Stratton during his keynote at Content Marketing World in Cleveland in September 2014. I believe that’s true… If I post something to social media – a question to a brand, for example – I expect to get an answer now. Right […]

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How I’ve grown my Twitter following – without buying followers


January 11, 2015

Social media

Twitter is a great network to connect with like-minded people and those who care about the things you have something to say about. The more relevant connections you can make the better for everyone. There are different ways to grow followers. Some people try to sell 5,000 followers for $29 and while they might deliver […]

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Here’s why Facebook isn’t always good for real-time news


January 8, 2015

Social media, Stories

Many get their news and updates from posts on Facebook in 2015. I do the same and enjoy the mix of personal updates from friends and posts from brands and other organizations I follow. But sometimes timely posts don’t work well, because they don’t show up at the appropriate time. You see, Facebook has an […]

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When do social media updates spread? When they are relevant!

People talk about making content go viral and then dream up a way of making that happen. In reality few – if any – of those strategies work. But there’s a way to set content up to have a chance to go viral – or at the very least get shared wildly. (The definition of […]

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Why plastic surgeons should care about Google and social media

I started looking for a plastic surgeon in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area, for a potential procedure that I may decide to have performed. So of course, I did what you do in 2014 and ’15: I searched for “plastic surgeon Cedar Rapids” on Google. I also posted this on Facebook: “Best plastic surgeons in […]

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Social Media Helps Law Enforcement Explain and Elaborate

It’s easy enough to point out today’s social media slip up and one seems to happen daily, It’s good to hear about them so we can learn from them – as appropriate. But there are also plenty of good uses of social media out there , including by law enforcement agencies in Iowa’s Creative Corridor, which […]

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