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Speaker Tip: Participating in the Event Hashtag on Twitter Leads to Attendees


June 9, 2015

Social media

Many events now have published hashtags so attendees and even people at home can discuss sessions, connect with like-minded people and even ask questions of the organizers. It’s really a great tool. I remember a few years ago when I attended my first global United Way conference and made a number of offline connections after first […]

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My best Retweets this week came from all of you!


May 27, 2015

Social media

You may have seen those Tweets announcing that a number of accounts sent the best Retweets this week… “My best RTs this week came from…” I like interacting, connecting and sharing experiences with people on Twitter. I probably spend more time than I should having conversations on there even. But those “my best RTs” Tweets […]

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Why I (may) Retweet competitors from time to time…


May 22, 2015

Social media

This is a controversial topic so I hope many of you clicked on the link. 🙂 Why would I ever acknowledge competitors and – even worse – why would I retweet and share their message for them? Why would I even consider doing this? There are some people and organizations that I would never retweet. […]

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Why I turned comments on my blog off!

I used to have comments turned on and every once in a while somebody would leave a comment. People might say that they agreed or liked a post. Yes, some of those were spam, too. Some disagreed. Very little real discussion happened in the comments section – even for the articles that had them. My […]

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Auto direct messages on Twitter are not always bad

For the most part, automatic messages on Twitter usually seem irrelevant and annoying to me. People – usually after I just followed them – send messages like this: Thanks for following. Please also connect on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn and like my YouTube video here. (Or something along those lines.) Others would ask questions: What’s the current marketing […]

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Why you want to pin a Tweet to the top of your Twitter feed


March 31, 2015

Social media

Twitter moves fast and I tweet over 200 times – sometimes over 300 or 400- per week and with that it can be hard for new followers to figure what my Tweets are about. New followers sometimes stop by my main page and look at my most recent tweets. Depending on when they stop by […]

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Easy-to-use live streaming tools can help us share our stories

With the resurgence of live streaming tools after the launch of Meerkat and Periscope, which share live streams directly to Twitter, live broadcasting is back in the headlines. People can live stream whatever is in front of them from their iPhones with these new apps. Of course, live streams on the Internet are nothing new. When I […]

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Catch me at the Florida Social Conference – My session: Stop the link dumping


March 25, 2015

Social media

I’m looking forward to speaking at the Florida Social Conference in Miami during the summer of 2015. Hope to see you there. (Click on the image above to get your tickets.) My session: Social Media and Blogging: How to stop the link dumping madness and build audience For one reason or another many brands think […]

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People have their reasons why they don’t want authentic stories published

A public safety official asked for my opinion in a case where he had shared a picture of a water main break – a public event and received some negative feedback on the situation. Below is a summary and analysis of the situation, followed by recommendations. This is published here with his consent. Summary of […]

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#Peopleskills: Sharing Success Stories: Inspiration or Bragging

I was the guest on the #Peopleskills chat on Twitter on March 1, 2015, and we discussed the difference between sharing success stories and bragging. If you missed it. My answers are also below. Q: How do you define success story? A success story is something positive that has happened. Somebody helped you. You solved a […]

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How I share video on social media


February 27, 2015

Social media

Shooting and sharing video on social media used to be a lot harder: Shoot it on your smartphone or maybe even a flip cam and then upload it to YouTube and share it on other networks through a link. Granted, this was a few years ago. Things got easier with the YouTube app on smartphones, […]

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#Mediachat: Authentic storytelling for businesses


February 26, 2015

Social media

I was a guest on #Mediachat on Twitter on Feb. 26, 2015. Below you can find an overview of the discussion. The chat had more than 20 million impressions. Q1:  What’s authentic storytelling? Authentic storytelling is the sharing of true and meaningful stories in  a public way. Authentic stories are not just rants, but meaningful […]

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How to participate correctly in a Twitter chat


February 24, 2015

Social media, Training

Twitter chats are the latest thing. It’s quite possible to participate in a handful every day. But that’s probably not a good use of anyone’s time. Participating in the right ones though has many benefits. Also, they are great marketing tools, when done right. What’s a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is a somewhat structured […]

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