How companies can get even more bang out of their event sponsorship and attendance

Estimated read time: 7 minutesEvents are really a great way for content marketers, vendors and speakers to connect. Longtime event host Chris Burdge told me on the Business Storytelling Podcast that events just help people connect at a different level. It’s face-to-face, hopefully distraction free […]

‪How to easily resize images for all social media networks without a cheat sheet‬

Estimated read time: 3 minutesIt used to be that we would have cheat sheets to remember what size an image needs to be on the different networks. As you might imagine every network – for example Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – have their own requirements. […]

Facebook ads: The easiest way to set your CTA to be “send a message in Messenger”

Estimated read time: 2 minutesI’m currently running a campaign to offer companies help with their podcast programs. (Contact me here to chat.) Podcasts are a bit of a passion project and even have their own chapter in my third book on Content Performance Culture. Testing […]