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Why and how I unfollowed thousands on Twitter

In January 2018, I was following over 50,000 people on Twitter and my Twitter feed was becoming highly overwhelming and often irrelevant. This video I published with an article on whether or not hashtags are even worth a content marketer’s time on Twitter highlights the unmanageable speed. 👎 I appreciate Twitter for a few things: […]

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New in 2018: How to completely schedule Instagram posts from one place

I’m a big fan of scheduled social media posts – especially for brands and people who have a lot to say. Good storytellers and content marketers usually have a lot to share. I’ve used Hootsuite, Facebook and Social Oomph for the most part for scheduling tasks. Scheduling works well for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but […]

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Are LinkedIn endorsements worth it?

You likely have seen endorsements on LinkedIn. You can endorse people for specific skills. These are one-click engagements – so super quick. And much quicker than recommendations – which are written out. Endorsements look like this on your profile once you have some: Some people have argued on social media that endorsements aren’t worth that […]

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Should we try the Twitter threads function?

I would highly recommend that you try Twitter threads for ongoing stories. Start with an (hopefully) interesting tweet, then add to it (aka keep replying to it).I’ve done this for Twitter chats and since threads are new some people found that to be cool 😎 .I also used a thread on my latest travel story […]

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Are LinkedIn groups still worth the effort?

As for many things in digital marketing the answer of course is: it depends. As a consumer, I haven’t used LinkedIn groups myself very much and turned off email notifications for them a long time ago. It was just too much spam and too much chest bumping by members of those groups. To get us […]

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