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PODCAST: The abundance of terrible billboards but nonetheless billboards are not dead!

Additional disclaimer: This story came out of me attending Advertising Week in New York City in 2017 free of charge as Adobe’s guest. At Advertising Week 2017 in New York City some of the big topics were: Artificial intelligence Automation in advertising Transparency (yay!) Personalization Other innovations I didn’t hear much talk about billboards – […]

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[FITNESS BLOG] What are the best headphones for the gym?

I work out about five or six times a week and I love listening to music while hitting the gym. Other people have told me they like listening to podcasts and others yet like to work out without any audio entertainment. But if you fall into the first two categories, chances are that you’ll need […]

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Why star reviews are less useful than they could be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

On average, my Uber drivers have rated me 4.7 stars out of 5. I wonder why I wasn’t the perfect passenger! LOL. What are the requirements so I can work on getting that up? 😂🤔😱 (I love Uber and this is just an example, friends!) And then the other day I went to a three-star […]

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Do not reply to this email! (Sigh)

You’ve probably seen those “Do-not-reply” emails. The “Do-not-reply” sender name is just not very inviting or relationship building. It screams at me that they don’t want to talk to me. It says that here’s my message. Take it or leave it. I get that there can be financial advantages to not allowing people to reply. […]

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How many brands bring this kind of excitement?

The other day Disney bands, which we will use on an upcoming Disney World vacation, arrived and here’s my seven-year-old’s reaction:    So exciting. Of course, we can’t actually use the bands until we go there, but they represent an experience. And of course the experience circles around many different Disney stories. She’s counting down […]

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Producing great content is not the finish line – it’s the starting line

I recently finished Mark Schaefer’s book “The Content Code” and have to say it was a fantastic reminder of the importance of content distribution. Mark reminds us that creating great content is not the finish line but the starting line. If you can’t ignite your content’s distribution, it won’t make any difference how great it is. He […]

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Uber driver: No reason to hide the facts

Uber is a taxi-type service in cities across the globe – including the United States – that allows you to summon a ride with your smartphone. It’s great. Very useful, most drivers are nice and arrive quickly. Many times rides arrive in minutes – usually under 5. Once, I barely made it out of an […]

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Daughter complains that we cut satellite TV while briefly looking up from iPhone

Stories that happen around us impact other stories, events and decisions. My decision to cut satellite TV from the laundry list of bills falls into this category. Let’s take it day by day… Thursday On a Thursday in January 2015, my satellite provider decided to drop the local ABC affiliate from its lineup. They were […]

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Sharing and Consumption of Stories Can Become a Habit

Neale Martin’s book “Habit – The 95 Percent of Behavior Marketers Ignore.” explains how people do many of their tasks and use many of the products they use because of habit. Habit outweighs loyalty – even when customers say they are loyal to a product and the product served their needs.   This occurs because […]

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Epic content marketing book shares how our stories can help our businesses

Content marketing is the practice of sharing relevant content for specific audiences to ultimately change people’s behavior and lead them to becoming customers. However, the actual piece of content isn’t selling and it’s not a traditional advertising or marketing message. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, lays out the steps to build businesses through content […]

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