Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

PODCAST: The abundance of terrible billboards but nonetheless billboards are not dead!

Additional disclaimer: This story came out of me attending Advertising Week in New York City in 2017 free of charge as Adobe’s guest. At Advertising Week 2017 in New York City some of the big topics were: Artificial intelligence Automation in advertising Transparency (yay!) Personalization Other innovations I didn’t hear much talk about billboards – […]

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ORGANIZATIONAL STORYTELLING: How to decide whether or not to do a podcast

Podcasting has continued to grow and according to some experts out there will continue to grow so I think it's a fair question: should my organization do a podcast? Some organizations might scream: Another channel? It has to stop somewhere. And that is actually a valid statement because we can't do everything and definitely can't […]

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PODCAST: The roles in content marketing

This podcast discusses the different roles an organization needs to successfully execute a content marketing strategy. I discuss the roles of project owner, editorial director, content producers and web producers. Audio not playing or can’t listen today? Try the transcript below:  Hi there, Christoph Trappe here with The Authentic Storytelling Project, and today I want to […]

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PODCAST: Human interest stories are great, but only when they are relevant

This brief podcast discusses how easy it is for brands to slip too far into human interest storytelling and forget about sharing the content their audiences are actually looking for.

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PODCAST: When to curate and when to create unique content

This podcast discusses how to find the right mix of curating content and creating unique content. Mentioned in podcast: Picture and Words Tell the Story of Boy and Police Officer’s Hug Audio not playing? Here’s a transcript: Transcription of PODCAST: When to curate and when to create unique content Hi there, Christoph Trappe here, and […]

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PODCAST: Words Can Have Different Meaning to Different People

This podcast discusses the importance of the words that we choose. The same words can have different meaning to different people. Sometimes this can lead to miscommunication and interesting decisions. This podcast discusses the importance of words and their meanings to different people. Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? Try the transcript below. […]

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PODCAST: Authentic and Unique Photos Add to Blog Posts

I routinely see people use stock photography in their unique and interesting blog posts. Anyone with a few dollars to spend can buy these photos – even the ones you just used. That doesn’t sound extremely unique to me. I have even seen the same photos being used by competing brands. Of course, I have […]

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PODCAST: Content marketing helps experts become wider known

This podcast discusses how content marketing doesn’t make experts but helps already-existing experts become more widely known and why they would even want to. Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? Try the transcript below: Hi there, Christoph Trappe here with the Authentic Storytelling Project, and today I want to talk about how content […]

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PODCAST: What if your positive authentic stories turn negative?

Sharing our authentic stories publicly can be rewarding to the person sharing them and the audience consuming them. But, what if our positive stories turn negative? This podcast uses the story surrounding the birth of our second daughter in July 2014 as an example.    

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PODCAST: It’s OK to share your knowledge publicly online

Many organizations continue to struggle with sharing their knowledge and authentic stories publicly. There are barriers, sure. But many of them can be overcome when we change our mindsets about the value of sharing knowledge (some call it content) digitally. In this podcast, I chat with Jo Miller who teaches women’s ledership at conferences, in […]

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PODCAST: What if Authentic Storytelling is Not Optional?

This podcast discusses how consumers go online to research information and check out organizations. People expect websites to be updates and social media profiles to be relevant. What if authentic storytelling by organizations, businesses and others is not optional? What if it’s like a business card? You have to have it to connect with people. […]

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PODCAST: Questions can be taken many ways

Asking questions in the best possible way can help journalists, brand journalists and content marketers tell better stories. But, asking them in a less than perfect way can impact the interview and fact-finding process, too. This podcast discusses what’s at stake. [audio] Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? Read a transcript below. Hi […]

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PODCAST: Don’t Forget About The Channels You Don’t Use

It can be easy to forget about the channels that we don’t use personally. If we read everything on a smartphone and everyone around us does the same, it’s easy to start thinking that everyone does the same. That’s not always true and many different people use different devices, technology and channels. This podcast discusses […]

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PODCAST: Audience Feedback is Important and Helpful

This podcast talks about the importance of audience feedback in storytelling, content marketing and social media. Audio not playing or can’t listen to it right now? Try the transcript below: Hi there, Christoph Trappe here and today I like to talk about how important it is to get feedback from the audience as they’re seeing […]

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PODCAST: Stories are everywhere – Example: Inspired somebody to take the stairs today

Let me tell you a story. I’ll promise it will be authentic. 🙂 The podcast below explains how stories are everywhere around us. Audio not playing? Here’s a transcript: Hi there, Christoph Trappe here and I like to talk about how stories are everywhere today, everywhere. One example has been my daily moments project. Every […]

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Book review: “Why employees are always a bad idea”

AUDIO EXTRA: A discussion with the author (Recorded with Google Voice) I would recommend Chuck Blakeman’s new business book “Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea” to leaders and others in Iowa’s Creative Corridor and beyond. Mr. Blakeman says that the concept of employees is an outdated model that is hanging around from the Industrial […]

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