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Airport layover – Go on a walk to burn calories

Over the years I’ve had my mix of short and long airport layovers.There was a stretch that every time I flew through Chicago O’Hare International Airport I had to run from one terminal to another to make a connecting flight. On those days, there’s no need to go on a walk to burn calories. Sprint […]

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Family Support Helps with Healthy Diets

Family support can be a crucial piece of any diet. If family members aren’t aware of your diet, they may undermine it – probably accidentally. Family support can help make your diet successful. My wife and daughter aren’t necessarily on the same diet I’m on at any given time, but they know what I’m focusing […]

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Running to the gym to lift adds to workout

During the summer months I like to run to the gym, workout and then run back home. This adds another level of difficulty (challenge) to my workout and gives me a chance to enjoy the nice weather. The shortest route from my home to the gym is about 1.8 miles, which seems to be a […]

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On the elliptical: What’s the standard of accomplishment? And should it matter?

I like variety in my workouts. Sometimes, I do a hockey-related lifting program, just for that reason alone. I also like to switch around my cardio exercises: Treadmill, different forms of steppers, the elliptical, bikes, punching the boxing bag, etc. I like to do 45 to 60 minutes on many of those machines. When I first […]

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Podcast: Is it safe to run in the dark?

David Tominsky, a technical recruiter and runner from Iowa, and myself  are discussing the merits of safety issues of running in the dark. Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? Try the transcript below. Hi there, Christoph Trappe here, and I’ve had plenty of discussions recently about when to run and if you read […]

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Taking an off day can make you stronger

I read somewhere – probably on Twitter – that the hardest part about exercising is to get started. Once you’ve started, the hardest part is to stop. For myself – remember everything on this site is my personal experience 🙂 – taking an off day can be a challenge. I love to go to the […]

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PODCAST: More Meals Per Day Make Dieting Easier

This podcast discusses how I’ve changed my diet from 2-3 daily big meals to 6-8 much smaller meals. Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? Try the transcript right now. (Transcribed through Fiverr.) Today’s podcast we’re talking about the number of meals we should be eating each day. I used to eat maybe two or […]

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The difficulty of running in unfamiliar places

I didn’t used to call myself a runner, but have now logged months where I’ve run 80 miles. So maybe I am a runner now, though, a slow one. I often go anywhere from 6-8 miles and the longest distance as of March 31, 2014, ever has been 11.6 miles. I have some favorite routes at […]

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We Have to Stop Thinking of Food as a Reward


April 25, 2014

My Fitness Tips

I had some of the best workouts ever this week. I lost around 4 pounds, my pants are fitting better and I’m now going to reward myself by going out to eat a big dinner. I see food as a reward. But, isn’t the 1,800-calorie meal going to undercut my week-long success? Keep in mind, […]

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Picking a gym made easy


April 18, 2014

My Fitness Tips

Picking a gym can take time and sometimes it can be a bit of luck picking a gym that works for you. Some questions that you might want to consider as you are working on picking a gym: What’s nearby where you spend most of the rest of your time? For example, is there a […]

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Sharing your lunch and run on social media without driving others crazy


April 11, 2014

My Fitness Tips

The things we post to social media (Twitter, Facebook, who knows what’s next), define us. If we talk about fitness around the clock, our networks eventually will connect fitness to us – especially when they see us offline, too. (They will probably bring up offline what they saw online.) “Christoph is now a runner and […]

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When is the best time to workout? I go in the mornings


March 14, 2014

My Fitness Tips

The best time to workout depends on each person’s individual situation and the best time to workout for me has changed as my life situations have changed. Growing up in Germany I played football and lifted weights after school. During the summer break, I would sleep in and head to the workout facilities around noonish […]

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Watching what you eat: Some restaurants make counting calories easy

I love to eat, which got me to 330 pounds in the first place. Counting calories wasn’t on my list of things to do at all. Until I looked at pictures of myself. Ouch. Gross. I look like that? How can I get that changed? My diet included counting calories and starting to exercise. Still, […]

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