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I saw a plastic surgeon after losing 100-plus pounds

After losing 100-some pounds, I was convinced that I need to have my stomach stapled or tucked. Looking down at my stomach, I saw skin flapping around – at least from my perspective that’s how it appeared. I wondered what I could do about that and started researching plastic surgeons in Eastern Iowa. Based on […]

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Running without GPS apps is also enjoyable

Even though I love lifting weights much better than cardio, I still head out on runs – especially on the weekend. I’m just a bit competitive so I used to like running with GPS. The app tells me how fast I’m going, how far I’ve gone and other potentially relevant information. I also track my […]

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Running in St. Louis

You know that I like to share where I’ve run while traveling around the country while speaking at conferences or meeting with clients. It can be a challenge to find a nice route so before I headed to St. Louis in March 2015 to speak at Wordcamp St. Louis for a second year in a row, I […]

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My Fitness Tips: Fitness Progress Photos Help us Remember

Taking and keeping fitness progress photos is one of the things I wish I would have done more of in my journey to lose over 100 pounds over a few years. As you are starting or continuing your journey to a fitter you, make sure to take photos of the current you and take more […]

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Workout time is about perception

How long a workout is actually taking isn’t always about the actual amount of time but our perception of it. Some workouts go by so fast. That was 90 minutes? No way! Those are often the ones when we totally get into the lift or run. The weights are flying around. They feel light. We […]

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Weekends are good for workouts

Weekends are good rest days. But they are also good workout days. While I like heading to the gym when it opens right at 5 a.m. on many weekday mornings, the weekends are another great time to hit the gym for a number of reasons: More time During the week, I’m a bit on a […]

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Losing the fight with calories feels so good …

And that’s exactly the problem with trying to cut necessary calories. When we cut calories successfully we might be hungry, frustrated, and easily annoyed. There’s no immediate reward for cutting calories. The weight isn’t melting off that second. But when we give in and eat more than we should (I’m looking at you family meals […]

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Context matters: How to look at weight loss

Sharing how much weight we’ve lost sounds good, but sometimes there are ways to add additional context. I was reminded of this while watching part of the finale of “The Biggest Loser” on TV. Each contestant’s weight loss was reported in pounds and than as a percentage. Here’s how much of their body weight was […]

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Why I buy my supplements online and not at a brick and mortar store

I usually buy my supplements online through a monthly subscription through Amazon. Unless I cancel one month’s subscriptions, Amazon will send me a package that often includes: Protein bars Protein powder Pre and post workout shakes and supplements This system works and makes shopping easy. Amazon sends me once a month the items I’m planning […]

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Treadmill or running outside – which one is better?

My answer changes based on the season, temperature and what I’m in the mood for. Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons. Treadmill at the gym PROS Consistent temperature Near weights – so I can lift, too Near other cardio machines – if I want to switch gears TVs CONS You […]

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