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Thank you, protein bars, for keeping our secret that you are just a candy bar – Jimmy Fallon

Every Friday, late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon writes funny thank you notes. The clip below includes the protein bar note. “Thank you, protein bars. I know you are just a candy bar. You know you are just a candy bar. But I’m glad we can share a delicious chocolaty lie together.” – Jimmy Fallon’s […]

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Where to buy running shoes

I’ve bought running shoes in a store and online now. As much as I like the convenience of online shopping, buying running shoes online just doesn’t seem to work for me. I prefer buying my running shoes after trying them on, touching them and seeing if I really like their look. In 2014, that’s only […]

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Before and after photos: Don’t forget about the long road in the mirror

I’m actually very aware of my weight. Even though I’ve lost 100-some pounds since 2007, I still see myself as fat from time to time.  Hey, where did this flap of fat come from? It wasn’t here yesterday. I gain half a pound and I feel bad about myself. I try to not let it […]

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One way to control calories at restaurants

I love those under 500 calories menus that some restaurants have now. (Thank you to those restaurant owners!) Not every restaurant has them (yet) unfortunately. So what can we do when we end up at a restaurant with no low-calorie foods? One option… Don’t think of it as a meal and just see it as […]

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iPod helps disconnect at the gym

I used to listen to the 200-plus songs in my iTunes library on my iPhone while exercising. I ran out of storage and started looking for alternatives. New, larger iPhone? Too expensive. No music? No way. Walkman? What? iPod shuffle? Couldn’t figure out why I would get one of those. iPod Touch? Looks like an […]

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Running in southern Iowa at the Honey Creek Resort

During the summer of 2014, we vacationed at the Honey Creek Resort in southern Iowa. The resort along Rathburn Lake offers a nice place for a family get-away. Daily activities for children and adults. On-site water park. Our room was just doors from its entrance. Very convenient. Trails. Boat rentals. Bike rentals. A modern playground. Patios […]

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Sunrise run tips

I love sunrise runs. So much that I Google “Sunrise Cedar Rapids” on many evenings to determine if I have time to head out on one. I do the same when traveling. If I have time, I try to be out and running about 20-25 minutes before the official sunset time. I usually run around […]

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Running in Cleveland

I attended Content Marketing World in September 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, and of course, wanted to go on a run. I texted a friend who is originally from Ohio to get suggestions. Since I was staying near the Cleveland Browns stadium, he suggested that I could run along the pier and around the stadium. I […]

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Running in Dallas: The Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is great place to go on a run (or walk) while in Dallas. On my travels to Dallas I try to hit the trail at least once. There are always plenty of others running early in the morning as well as later in the afternoon and evening. The 3.5-mile trail is fairly […]

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“The Weight Loss Counter Revolution” Book Gives You The Tools for Weight Loss

As the lives of many Americans have turned more and more sedentary, our waistlines have grown. Many reasons account for this – including eating as much as previous generations that were more physically active than we are now. (Think working in the field, outside and no cubicle nation.) This is a serious problem for the […]

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Running in Omaha

I was in Omaha, Nebraska, to speak at WordCamp Omaha in August 2014, and found some time to go running in Omaha. Of course, I didn’t know where to go running since I hadn’t been there before. I did the natural thing and asked my friends on Facebook for suggestions. Here’s what they came up […]

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Why don’t we see our bodies the way they actually look?

Our own self-image can be so inaccurate it can border on misrepresentation. Many times we don’t see ourselves the way we actually look. Somebody once told me that this is our brain playing tricks on us. I don’t know why it happens, but I know that it does happen. Some examples … Growing up I […]

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Saving calories for the evening

I’ve been tracking my daily calorie intake for a while now and a few things are for certain: It’s hard to figure out how many calories certain foods have.- for example when eating out or enjoying a homemade meal., Once the tracking is a habit it’s easy to remember to do. Planning calories for much […]

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Goals: “Just one more mile”

Setting goals is great and works. Yes, they’ve helped me get where I wanted to go. But sometimes, just starting without a definite goal can also work in the gym. Now, it’s always good to have some kind of idea about the destination. This could be as simple as a healthier or slimmer you. Those […]

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Change takes time – but it’s hard to keep track of it

I’ve lost over 100 pounds since 2007. Wow. That’s seven years ago – as I’m writing this in 2014. Change takes time. But between 2001 and 2007 I’ve gained 60 pounds or so. That took some time, too. Change takes time and that’s true for the positive and the negative. Looking back today I wouldn’t have guessed […]

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Weightlifting gloves – how to pick what to wear at the gym

Lifting weights at the a gym can help our health and can make us feel good and accomplished. In the case of weightlifting it’s good to pack on the pounds – on the bar that is. Pound by pound we get stronger. Somehow you have to hold onto all this weight. Some people wear weightlifting […]

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Exercise tips for the traveling gym rat

Exercising while traveling can be tricky. For once, hotel gyms aren’t necessarily what we are used to at home. But somebody once said: “If you don’t like the hotel gym book a hotel with a better gym.” Exactly. So I don’t complain about hotel gyms. I either pick a hotel with a good gym or […]

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