Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Yes, I’m always looking to top yesterday’s performance

I used to walk 3 miles, then that felt like old hat and I started running, first slowly, then a little faster, then a little further. I always try to top yesterday. Daily. Every day was a competition with yesterday. Then I would go to the gym at 5 a.m. Sixty minutes was plenty of time. Then […]

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FITNESS BLOG: How to actually get to 10,000 steps in a day 

My perception poll (ha!) found that I see more people with fitness trackers around their wrists than watches. But seriously, fitness trackers are all the rage. I’ve had a few. I first started with the Jawbone, which kept breaking. I then used the latest iPhone, which seemed fancy that it could do that, but I […]

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Sometimes plans need to change – right now!

I’m all in favor of making plans and sticking to them. But sometimes they need to change. Quickly. I was in Orlando in late 2015 for the Healthcare Internet Conference (aka HCIC). My plan was to go run on the treadmill. Running in unfamiliar places can be hard and jumping on the treadmill is usually […]

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We are defined by what we constantly talk about

As I’ve said many times, including on here, on social media and while speaking at conferences: Authentic stories are first lived, then told. But there’s also another way to think about our own authentic stories: We are defined by what we constantly talk about. This includes specific topics or tones of things we say. Specific topics […]

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No excuses: I’m not a runner but I run 

I’ve never considered myself a runner – even during the months I logged 60-80 miles. It just wasn’t and still isn’t how I view myself. I would say that “a running lifter” is more accurate. LOL. But yet I see the positives of running. It feels good, it helps me lose weight or at least […]

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Some words are just too similar

Many mornings I head to the gym long before the rest of the family is out of bed. Sometimes, I talk to my wife before I leave. “Heading to the gym.” “Why?” “Why am I heading to the gym? Because I like to.” “OK. Why?” I think she’s saying “bye.” “Bye.” “Bye.” This could have […]

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March 3, 2018

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Victory, Canada

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