Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How to not get duped by actual fake news!

You’ve heard me talk about how the Russians influenced the US election through Facebooks ads and the importance of actual authenticity and realism in our corporate storytelling. But yet people continue to try to trick us. Marketing guru Larry Kim even did a test on how easy it is to spread fake news by spending […]

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How to decide which comments on blogs and social media to ignore!

Comments on this blog have been turned off for years (here’s why), but nonetheless, I appreciate getting emails and chatting with you all on social media. Except the spammers. #blocked Related: When I block people But here’s a fact – especially for organizations who are just kicking off their content marketing strategy: Comments are easily […]

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How come nobody is sharing my POSITIVE brand story?

Influencer marketing and outreach. Brand ambassador programs. Social media amplification. You name today’s buzz phrase to help us (the brands)  get our stories shared.  All these tactics actually work. Seriously. But, they can and will backfire when the product stinks.  Marketing – whether content, product or traditional – isn’t usually in charge of product development […]

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Intent matters

Intent matters. Ask the people in prison for it. Seriously, though, intent also matters in the stories and information that we share on our blogs and social media channels – two of my favorite content marketing channels. What was our intent when we posted what we posted? Did we try to teach? Did we try […]

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The so-called “organizational opinion”

You’ve probably heard it: What’s the organization’s stand on this? What does the organization say about this? So and so is or isn’t representing the organization’s opinion. And I wonder: Can an organization have an opinion? Of course not. The people part of an organization – collectively or individually – can, though. The opinion is […]

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