Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How to decide which comments on blogs and social media to ignore!

Comments on this blog have been turned off for years (here’s why), but nonetheless, I appreciate getting emails and chatting with you all on social media. Except the spammers. #blocked Related: When I block people But here’s a fact – especially for organizations who are just kicking off their content marketing strategy: Comments are easily […]

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How come nobody is sharing my POSITIVE brand story?

Influencer marketing and outreach. Brand ambassador programs. Social media amplification. You name today’s buzz phrase to help us (the brands)  get our stories shared.  All these tactics actually work. Seriously. But, they can and will backfire when the product stinks.  Marketing – whether content, product or traditional – isn’t usually in charge of product development […]

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Intent matters

Intent matters. Ask the people in prison for it. Seriously, though, intent also matters in the stories and information that we share on our blogs and social media channels – two of my favorite content marketing channels. What was our intent when we posted what we posted? Did we try to teach? Did we try […]

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The so-called “organizational opinion”

You’ve probably heard it: What’s the organization’s stand on this? What does the organization say about this? So and so is or isn’t representing the organization’s opinion. And I wonder: Can an organization have an opinion? Of course not. The people part of an organization – collectively or individually – can, though. The opinion is […]

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People have their reasons why they don’t want authentic stories published

A public safety official asked for my opinion in a case where he had shared a picture of a water main break – a public event and received some negative feedback on the situation. Below is a summary and analysis of the situation, followed by recommendations. This is published here with his consent. Summary of […]

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Uber driver: No reason to hide the facts

Uber is a taxi-type service in cities across the globe – including the United States – that allows you to summon a ride with your smartphone. It’s great. Very useful, most drivers are nice and arrive quickly. Many times rides arrive in minutes – usually under 5. Once, I barely made it out of an […]

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How to talk to the masses but make it feel like personal conversation

Speeches are different from conversations. Public writing is different from writing a letter to a friend. I remember being taught the differences but what if there is no difference and speeches are just like conversations and public writing (like a blog post) is just like writing a letter to a friend? Sure, don’t share confidential […]

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Social Media Helps Law Enforcement Explain and Elaborate

It’s easy enough to point out today’s social media slip up and one seems to happen daily, It’s good to hear about them so we can learn from them – as appropriate. But there are also plenty of good uses of social media out there , including by law enforcement agencies in Iowa’s Creative Corridor, which […]

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Offline behavior can help online engagement

Part of any online engagement strategy – like blogging or social media – can include offline components. After all, people still spend some time offline and face to face – as hard as some people might find that to believe. I like to do this through a few ways: I have printed business cards for […]

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The value of traditional media in content marketing

The traditional media world has changed since 2007 or so. There’s no doubt about it. Ad revenue is down and tons of journalists have been laid off over the years. When I was first working for media companies from 2001 to 2007, I didn’t even know anyone who had been laid off. Today, I know […]

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How to mix social media and traditional media

Social media and traditional media need to be a part of any business’ communications strategy. They work hand in hand and can complement each other. Let’s look at how communication professionals used to work with traditional media and in some cases still do. 1) Organization has an idea for a newsworthy event. 2) A news […]

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