Hiring writers: Are content production goals a good idea? Or pay them for performance?

Some companies now want to hire writers and only pay them on performance. Of course that’s not a fair model and we need to keep in mind their time and expertise to write the content. This article dives into how to mend the different opinions and work together.

Why I’m so excited that my podcast has reached over 100 listens [Metrics commentary]

Estimated read time: 1 minutesMetrics in marketing, journalism and storytelling are interesting: No matter how good the numbers are, we always want more. I’ve seen over 1 million readers to this blog and of course now I want 2 million. I’ll be sure to tweet […]

[Corporate content marketing] Here’s why anecdotes are actually a decent measurement

Estimated read time: 3 minutesI hear marketers complain all the time about measurements: Too many measurements Too many platforms Those measurements are not what we want And yes, ultimately all business actions at some point need to help with revenue – directly or indirectly. Content […]