Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

#AdobeSummit 2017 Blog: Data without context and from a party with a stake in outcome can be worthless 

Disclaimer: Adobe invited me to the Adobe Summit North America 2017. This post was not approved by them. They didn’t even get a preview. It’s my opinion and if you agree it’s yours too. 😂🤔 I was still flying to Las Vegas on Day 1 of the conference but was reading the tweets surrounding data […]

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Content marketing metrics: How to measure performance in shorter months

Oh no!!! Our digital key performance indicators are way down for February. It’s like we were about three days short of January! LOL. It’s easy to forget that February is a short month.  I also worked out less and even ate fewer calories than January, but did not lose more weight because of that in […]

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How to set (content) marketing goals that can actually be achieved!


February 1, 2017

Measuring results

The sky is the limit so, um, let’s set a goal of reaching the sky. This month. Exactly. Good luck with that one! Setting unrealistic goals might be one of the latest marketing diseases out there: This blog post will generate $5 million in revenue. Everyone that comes to our website will convert. Can we […]

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Is authentic storytelling content marketing still a differentiator when everyone does it?

Here’s the scenario: Two competitors both use similar authentic storytelling content marketing techniques. They all read my book, which you can order here.Ha. But seriously, let’s take that scenario. Is this technique still usable when everyone – including our competitors – use it? Totally! Yes. Yes. You own your stories and others own theirs. Many […]

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[DATA ANALYSIS] Does web traffic really decrease that much on holidays?


December 27, 2016

Measuring results

Nobody reads blog, websites, or does anything online during holidays. It’s the time to put our phones down and don’t sit in front of our computers and talk with our families instead. It sounds so early 2000s, which is also when I first heard that nobody does anything online on the holidays. No reason to […]

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[DIGITAL MARKETING] Actual conversation is overrated and here’s why


December 25, 2016

Measuring results

In 2016 I was on the Heathly Wealthy Smart podcast and made this statement: “Storytelling is a conversation even when people are not talking back.” You are sharing a story with an audience – like you are talking to them. Sometimes they talk back through comments, emails, etc. But most of the time they don’t. […]

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Content marketing: How to not get greedy chasing website numbers!


December 16, 2016

Measuring results

My blog grew from 35,000 annual visits to  around 175,000 year over year and seeing those numbers grow, can be slightly addictive.  What else can I publish to hit that next high? To get to quarter million, half and then a full million annual visits. Since digital marketing is a numbers game the higher I […]

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MY TEST: Does HTTPs really help with Google Search results?

A look at whether or not my blog performs better since I made the Google-recommended switch from http to the secure https.

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Content marketing is more about hitting singles than home runs 

With baseball season wrapping up in North America, what better time to use a baseball analogy. 🙂 Home runs are certainly fun to watch. Did that make it into the water outside the San Francisco Giants park? Did that make it onto the street outside the Baltimore Orioles diamond? You get the picture. Things can […]

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Why “being busy” shouldn’t be a content marketing success metric

This brochure, blog post, whatever piece of content I just finished took me a while to produce. Hours that added up to days and maybe even weeks, but I don’t even want to consider the actual amount of time it took, because, well, that’s a lot! Wow, it took that long to produce this thing? […]

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KEYNOTE VIDEO: The six steps to tell better stories

I spoke to the Iowa CPA conference in Des Moines in October 2016 and shared these six steps you need to take to share authentic stories to be successful. (I start at 1:18 mins if you want to fast forward to there.) In summary, here are the six steps with short overviews: 1) The decision […]

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How come I can’t see how many people like other Facebook pages anymore?

Oh no, what happened to seeing my competitor’s Facebook following? Where did it go? Comparing our social media “performance” to others is important to many brands out there, and Like count on Facebook and other networks, has been an easy way to keep track of who is gaining audience and who isn’t. So this post below by a […]

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Why it’s important to keep track of your search engine rankings [Google Search Console]

Search is not dead – in case anyone was wondering or about to declare it to be. 🙂 In 2016, about 70 percent of all traffic to this content marketing blog came from search engines. That’s an interesting statement for a social media guy. Social media, by the way, sent 11 percent of all traffic […]

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Why soft metrics matter in content marketing


October 15, 2016

Measuring results

Show me the money! Is all this content marketing actually leading to revenue? Yes! I’m all for getting paid, because afterall, pageviews are not accepted currency in any grocery store. My kids don’t accept them for their allowance either! But, soft metrics (so not revenue) are an indicator that things are or aren’t on the […]

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Why traveling can be a sign of content marketing success 

One of my goals is to make the biggest impact on authentic storytelling content marketing possible. In a global economy, that means traveling and flying around the country and globe to help others share better stories.  I love traveling  to find and document those stories, teach strategies and help people spot and then share their […]

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How to avoid having unrealistic expectations in content marketing

Let’s publish and go for 1 million viewers… by tomorrow.  That sounds like a good dream but not a realistic  goal for many brands and organizations who are just getting started in content marketing. We all start at zero audience though some of us have an existing audience that helps us start a bit higher. […]

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Why online ROI measurements are not perfect [EXAMPLE]


August 15, 2016

Measuring results

We want to measure our Return on Investment (ROI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – and especially online. After all measuring the apparent effectiveness of an online ad is much easier to measure than that of an offline billboard, which is likely why we expect more from online channels. But it’s not perfect. That doesn’t […]

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How to add a CONTACT button to your Instagram account in seconds 

Helpful social media tips emailed to you: As of late July 2016, you can  add a contact button to your Instagram account. That’s great news because it makes it so much easier to be contacted by our Instagram community. Of course, there can be downfalls, too. What if trolls call or email? Block them, would […]

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[ANALYSIS] Why not to overthink publishing schedules based on user behavior 

I’m a big fan of analysing what is working and why it’s working, but there is also the flip side of overthinking things and mis-analyzing them.  When to publish stories or social media posts fits there.  Social media research changes constantly on when the best times to publish are. Publish at 1. No 3. On […]

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How to scale content marketing (or any) strategies 

One person presents a new idea, concept or technique to a group of people (dare I say committee members?). Another person – often one with a fancy title – chimes in: “But, but, but how do we scale that?” “Um, I don’t know. I was just coming up with an idea.” And with that the […]

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How to find your organization’s content sweet spot [CONVERSION + ENGAGEMENT]

Digital marketers often fall into one of two categories: The engagement huggers – These are the marketers who report every like, retweet and comment they get. Success in their world is a feeling. People are hearing us and they are responding. The conversion overthinkers – How do we get people to do something next? Usually, that something […]

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[CONTEXT] How to not freak out when web traffic is down

In just four months in 2016, my content marketing blog here has seen almost as  much traffic as all of 2015 had as a whole. Leads are coming in, too. Books are being sold. Speaking engagements are being booked. The blog and its role in my life is humming along. But wait, traffic in April […]

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[WEB METRICS] Why a high pages-per-visit number does not necessarily signal high engagement 

Some marketers are still using the number of pages people visit on one website visit as a measure of success.  The theory goes that the more pages people click to, the more engaged they are.  Certainly, I want people to click all around my site and read more of my stuff. But maybe, a low […]

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