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My 2018 content marketing prediction: More predictive analysis content!

I predict an upswing in the use of predictive analysis in content marketing in 2018.

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Why is it so hard for digital marketers to come up with the right metrics?

I hear it all the time from digital marketer us. We’re trying to prove that what we’re doing is working and we know there are metrics out there to prove it. We just have to go and find them. Of course, there are so many different data sets out there already in digital marketing but […]

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How content marketing also helps with outbound marketing efforts

Content marketing efforts of course are supposed to bring target audience members to us. That works when done well. For example, approximately 80% of my traffic on this blog now comes from search engines, meaning people who are searching for related topics and they end up here. Others come from social, the email and also […]

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[NEW] What’s the easiest way to check metrics in Google Analytics? Here it is…

I’m a huge fan of measuring input, output and outcomes when it comes to content marketing efforts. Of course, there are several tools I use and one of my favorite ones is Google Analytics and specifically the Google Analytics iPhone app. You can download it here on iTunes. And while it’s always been relatively user […]

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Should we be advertising on the new Quora advertising platform?

Quora, the online platform that allows people to answer questions related to specific topics, is now offering advertising for businesses – or really anyone with an account and a credit card. Check out the ads manager here. There are a lot of relevant discussions happening on the platform for content marketing, social media and also […]

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What’s the easiest way to check which blog posts perform best in search and social referrals?

I wouldn’t call myself a data analyst by any means of the imagination. But here’s the thing: Writers, content creators, content marketing strategists or whatever else you might call them should indeed look at the metrics of how their content is performing. Not everyone needs to be able to dig deep into the numbers, but […]

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