Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

When I attended a roofing conference …

As part of my current job at Stamats Business Media I attended a roofing conference-an international one even-in New Orleans in 2018 to help the team with some of their initiatives. You might wonder what I know about roofing. And the answer is: not much but I know a lot more now. 👍🤗 But […]

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How an overly complicated word in a print headline drove me to the web

I often find it silly to pick up a newspaper at airport lounges or on overnight international flights. Since many newspapers in the United States get printed for morning delivery, reading the day’s paper on a flight leaving in the afternoon or evening seems to scream “old news” to me. In general. But I often […]

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Should we even bother with “digital transformation?”

“We need to undergo a digital transformation with our content.” Some people have even called me a digital transformer. We used to be on TV Saturday mornings in the 80s. 😱🤪 And the intent behind digital transformation is very valid: We need to evolve our business. Often that includes doing more digitally. But often the […]

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How to not get duped by actual fake news!

You’ve heard me talk about how the Russians influenced the US election through Facebooks ads and the importance of actual authenticity and realism in our corporate storytelling. But yet people continue to try to trick us. Marketing guru Larry Kim even did a test on how easy it is to spread fake news by spending […]

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Why it’s so helpful to know the history before diving into any (content) marketing change management project

Some of us change agents in content marketing and digital transformation, of course, love to jump in and get stuff done. And that is actually needed to a degree but the one thing we don’t want to forget is to learn the history of as many things as possible related to our project. For example, […]

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