How companies can get even more bang out of their event sponsorship and attendance

Estimated read time: 7 minutesEvents are really a great way for content marketers, vendors and speakers to connect. Longtime event host Chris Burdge told me on the Business Storytelling Podcast that events just help people connect at a different level. It’s face-to-face, hopefully distraction free […]

Google Auto Complete Videos: Google rolls out new tool for influencers to answer questions

Estimated read time: 3 minutesGoogle auto complete videos by superstars have drawn in millions of views on YouTube. In these videos the celebrities basically answer questions that Google auto complete recommends based on what users are searching for. Of course the YouTube channel running the […]

Vidcon wrap: Even if you know none of these creators, you can learn from them [For businesses]

Estimated read time: 5 minutesVideo will take over the Internet, or maybe it has already. Judging by 75,000 estimated people attending Vidcon at the Anaheim Convention Center in 2019 we may already be there. Vidcon, in its 10th year, is a video content creator conference […]

[Influencer marketing] I lost a quarter million dollar proposal and here’s why that’s good

Estimated read time: 3 minutesIn late 2018, I received a phone call and I even answered. A company wanted to partner with me. They had apparently seen my fitness blog posts – some of which draw a surprising amount of traffic. They wanted me to […]