Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Why not to worry about the “industry standard!”

The so called “industry standard” is something many marketers talk and care about. What’s the industry average, and are we a bit better?  Let me rephrase that:  Are we slightly above industry average? Who wants to be average? I don’t. I’m trying to be the best version of myself and in my field – however […]

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EMAIL MARKETING: How I grew my email list 5 percent in one day with one small website update 

Email works. It’s not dead. People still get emails and even read some of them. And that’s one reason why email subscriber lists are one important aspect of any content marketing strategy. Email marketing is an easy way to stay connected with people who actually want to read our stuff. I’m assuming here that none […]

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[EMAIL MARKETING] Picture-only emails aren’t user-friendly, mostly because they might not be readable 

In the last few months or so, I’ve noticed something new in email marketing land: Emails that appear to be blank. Some have even been sent by brands I love, trust and want to read content from. On a mobile device, they look like this:    You can see the outline of an image if […]

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Digital strategy: Some talk. Some know.

It seems to me that there are three big camps in digital strategy: Those that talk Those that know Those that dump data The talkers The first group sounds really good – you know when they are talking. They throw around the latest buzzwords. They tell you it’s about engagement, calls to action, blah blah […]

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How many enewsletters are too many?

The sending of enewsletters is one of the most effective content marketing tactics. Most people still read emails. Email is not dead. At all. Even though, sometimes we’d like it to die. Ha. I wondered how many enewsletters do I personally get and how do I decide which ones stand out to me? So, I ran […]

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7 Email Marketing Tactics That Need to Stop!

Email marketing and email newsletters for content distribution work. Email – whether we love or hate it – often still gets checked. I certainly read more of my emails than the tweets that are posted by the 10,000 people I follow. While email can be hard to keep up with, it is certainly easier than […]

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