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Technology evolution: American Airlines now has mobile entry into at least one Admiral Club

I’ve had an Admirals Club membership for over a year and feel it pays for itself with all the travel I’m doing. And this year I paid for it with miles anyway. With my love for useful technology I was especially happy when I saw a new tech rollout while visiting the club at the […]

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Who has some of the best customer service on Twitter?

A look at some of the best customer service Twitter accounts based on my experience.

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How to make personalization never creepy and always useful

Personalization is a fantastic way to get people the right content at the right time. That can, of course, also help us as businesses tie them to us as customers. It sounds so simple in theory but it’s really hard in practice and plenty of companies are struggling with doing that exact thing. They spray […]

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ONLINE REVIEWS: Sometimes we – the customer – just don’t want to discuss negative reviews any further 😱👎⭐️

You’ve probably heard me talk about that responses to online reviews and really any customer feedback publicly or not publicly are usually better than no response at all. But sometimes additional discussion from the perspective of the customer, i.e. the person leaving the review – is not something that’s desired. This really hit me over […]

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TRAVEL STORIES: This Europe trip could have started off better! “Do you need oxygen?” 

I was heading to Berlin in June 2017 to speak at the Content Marketing Forum. Upgrade has been requested from Chicago to London (lie down seats are nice for overnight flights – obviously!). All my props and clothes fit in my one carry on and jacket.  Ready to go. The layover in Chicago wasn’t super […]

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