Should your brand create branded face masks?

Marketing executive Jeanniey Walden and podcast host Christoph Trappe discuss the topic on this episode of the Business Storytelling Podcast. Jeanniey shares how she predicts that face masks will be with us for 6-12 months and that brands should think about creating branded ones for their target audiences. Children going back to school will likely ask their parents for specific ones and professionals will match the day’s face mask to their outfit.

How businesses can maximize direct mail now as the U.S. Postal Services is seeing a decline

Eric Van Kerckhove, owner of, shared with me on the Business Storytelling Podcast how restaurants and other B2C businesses can use direct mail now to reach customers. B2B businesses might consider waiting until offices reopen but he shares strategies here as well. Sending direct mail campaigns can be a differentiator during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Tips for freelancers during the coronavirus pandemic and really any time business is slowing down

Estimated read time: 7 minutesThe coronavirus pandemic has impacted probably everyone in the United States. That can be through working remote, no school, being infected or reduced or lost income. A total of 3.3 million people filed unemployment claims during the pandemic  – an all-time high […]