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ADVANCED LINK BUILDING: How to get links from high-ranking sites

Inbound links still matter. Advanced link building, of course, is an ever moving target and people link back for various reasons. Understanding the reasons why other sites might link to you can also increase your chances of getting that coveted link. Reasons people link could include: You actually have useful content that that site’s audience […]

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Figuring out how to watch the Winter Olympics in the USA could be an Olympic sport on its own

Much has been written about how to watch the Olympics in Korea in 2018. And there are a lot of ways to do it, including online and on more traditional TV. The 15-hour time difference to Cedar Rapids certainly isn’t making the TV watching easy either and The Onion hilariously tweeted: Exhausted Olympians Wake Up […]

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How an overly complicated word in a print headline drove me to the web

I often find it silly to pick up a newspaper at airport lounges or on overnight international flights. Since many newspapers in the United States get printed for morning delivery, reading the day’s paper on a flight leaving in the afternoon or evening seems to scream “old news” to me. In general. But I often […]

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How Saturday Night Live draws views by publishing 18 YouTube clips right after the TV show

YouTube continues to be a great way to share your video content and I blogged about how the channel owns my TV viewing here. I’ve also written about how people need to stop dumping just raw footage on the network. During the week I often watch the late-night shows in the morning after they were […]

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Why some articles on the web are just too long

The debate surrounding the length of content online will likely rage on. Shorter, no longer, wait – medium-sized. 🛑 Stop ✋ Please. Create useful content and it won’t make a difference how long your content is. But, Google in late 2017 declared web content under 300 words to be thin. So maybe above 300-word blog […]

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