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Should I add photos to tweets with links? [SOCIAL MEDIA]

Below, in what was first written in early 2016, I’m examining if tweets with images actually perform better. In November 2017, I felt the need to update this post with one more test, which I’m sharing here: Do tweets with images and links work? Of course, that depends on your definition of “work” but assuming […]

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How to make personalization never creepy and always useful

Personalization is a fantastic way to get people the right content at the right time. That can, of course, also help us as businesses tie them to us as customers. It sounds so simple in theory but it’s really hard in practice and plenty of companies are struggling with doing that exact thing. They spray […]

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PODCAST: The roles in content marketing

This podcast discusses the different roles an organization needs to successfully execute a content marketing strategy. I discuss the roles of project owner, editorial director, content producers and web producers. Audio not playing or can’t listen today? Try the transcript below:  Hi there, Christoph Trappe here with The Authentic Storytelling Project, and today I want to […]

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SEO is really hard and here’s what you can do to make it easier!

I take pride in getting a ton of search engine traffic to the site. Up to 80% of my traffic in some months has come from search engines. Yay!   And traffic and exposure to the site has really grown year-over-year:     So I would like to take credit for my fantastic and sophisticated […]

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PODCAST: The abundance of terrible billboards but nonetheless billboards are not dead!

Additional disclaimer: This story came out of me attending Advertising Week in New York City in 2017 free of charge as Adobe’s guest. At Advertising Week 2017 in New York City some of the big topics were: Artificial intelligence Automation in advertising Transparency (yay!) Personalization Other innovations I didn’t hear much talk about billboards – […]

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