Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How to not get duped by actual fake news!

You’ve heard me talk about how the Russians influenced the US election through Facebooks ads and the importance of actual authenticity and realism in our corporate storytelling. But yet people continue to try to trick us. Marketing guru Larry Kim even did a test on how easy it is to spread fake news by spending […]

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Excuses! >> I only had five minutes to talk to whomever [COMMUNICATIONS]

Christoph Trappe

September 29, 2017


Continuing my occasional series in communications excuses that I would love to eliminate…. This scenario may sound familiar: You have something that needs to be handled, discussed, decided on by somebody other than you. So you bring that to the right person’s attention. Could be your boss, your boss’s boss, etc. Maybe your spouse! This […]

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What’s better for recommendations: Nextdoor or Facebook?

Finding recommendations and ideas for service providers is of course easier than ever online. We can Google it, Facebook about it or maybe search Pinterest for ideas. And now as of summer 2017 or a few months ago, Facebook allows you to ask your network for recommendations specifically. Here's how that looks when you post […]

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If you don’t respond to follow-up messages this is for you… [COMMUNICATIONS]

Here’s the scenario:  Recruiter/ conference planner/ media person/ etc. reaches out to me with a question for availability, pricing or to chat about an opportunity.  I respond quickly. I like to think it’s my thing.  I’m available. Here’s a budget range. I can offer that service. Hop on a call? And then nothing. They forgot […]

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Why people need to stop hating on reply all emails

I was dictating the above headline to my phone  in the car with my wife driving who without hesitation groaned and said “oh I hate reply all emails.” And I do agree with her to an extent. I’ve been part of many crappy and annoying reply all emails. People instead of having a conversation or […]

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