Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

There are real challenges to being original

Getting knocked off isn’t cool, can hurt business and our brands and progress. I was strongly reminded of this when I attended the Be Original members meeting with the interiors + sources crew in New York City in early 2018. The Be Original manifesto: We believe in: The designer and creator The customer In protecting […]

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Should we even bother with “digital transformation?”

“We need to undergo a digital transformation with our content.” Some people have even called me a digital transformer. We used to be on TV Saturday mornings in the 80s. 😱🤪 And the intent behind digital transformation is very valid: We need to evolve our business. Often that includes doing more digitally. But often the […]

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Should we be afraid of people building their own personal brands?

No. For the most part – especially in marketing-related businesses. Let’s dive into the topic of brand building… One of the most asked questions I get is if I run my own agency, am a freelancer or independent. I get it. I’m loud. I blog. I speak. I tweet. I likely will come on your […]

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[Content marketing] What to do when not everyone loves us but why we should still care!

Not everyone loves us. I just learned that the other day. Ha. If we share our knowledge, value proposition and authentic stories correctly some people will not love us for it. But others will. It’s a sign of participating correctly and authentically. Recommended for you:  We are defined by what we constantly talk about  Defining […]

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Why it’s so helpful to know the history before diving into any (content) marketing change management project

Some of us change agents in content marketing and digital transformation, of course, love to jump in and get stuff done. And that is actually needed to a degree but the one thing we don’t want to forget is to learn the history of as many things as possible related to our project. For example, […]

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