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[Content marketing] What to do when not everyone loves us but why we should still care!

Not everyone loves us. I just learned that the other day. Ha. If we share our knowledge, value proposition and authentic stories correctly some people will not love us for it. But others will. It’s a sign of participating correctly and authentically. Recommended for you:  We are defined by what we constantly talk about  Defining […]

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Why it’s so helpful to know the history before diving into any (content) marketing change management project

Some of us change agents in content marketing and digital transformation, of course, love to jump in and get stuff done. And that is actually needed to a degree but the one thing we don’t want to forget is to learn the history of as many things as possible related to our project. For example, […]

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I could care less where that fits on your list of priorities!

You ask somebody for something – like help with technology updates, an infographic or something written and the answer that comes back is: “Got it. Thanks. This is ninth on my list of priorities.” Say what? Way to make me feel special. LOL. And I know why people say that: Because it’s the truth, so […]

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Why I now wear pink socks to conferences

I’ve started wearing pink socks to conference talks. (See the picture.)   The socks – of the the Pink Socks Tribe – to me represent a number of things:   A call to meaningful change and useful resolutions The tribe focuses on healthcare, which is the industry I most recently focused on with my content […]

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How long can I go without driving my car in Iowa?

In August 2017, I started working from my home office. Here's a picture of the first iteration before getting some additional equipment: Here's how my commute looks: I have to say I really like working at home, just as much as I like traveling to clients for workshops and trainings. Walking down the steps feels […]

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Be thankful for what you have while striving for improvement

Going on vacation in Maine can let you leave in envy. 😊

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