Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

[ADVERTISING TEST] What’s better? Facebook advertising or Google AdWords?

This article reviews whether Google AdWords or Facebook ads drive better results.

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Social media advertising: Is that dollar actually well spent?

A look at how overnight success in digital marketing takes longer than overnight. Specifically we are discussing paid and organic strategies.

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Should I automatically push my promoted Facebook post to Instagram?

A look at whether or not you should push your promoted Facebook post to Instagram automatically.

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[YOUTUBE ADVERTISING] How to check easily if you have more than 10,000 views to add ads to YouTube videos

YouTube has announced that only channels with 10,000 views or more can show ads and receive ad revenue. Here's a look at how you can easily check your view count.

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[SOCIAL MEDIA] How to promote your Instagram post and should you even do that?

As we know social media is becoming more and more a pay-to-play kind of environment. You have to pay to get your content in front of more people. That’s how the social networks now make their money. Instagram is no different. The photo sharing network  now lets you promote post directly from within the app. […]

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When will we think of revenue models outside of advertising online?

Facebook Live now allows broadcasters to take commercial breaks. All in the name of innovative revenue models. Or something like that. The thing is, many of us moved our consumption from traditional channels to digital channels so we could avoid endless interruptions with TV commercials and maybe even unnecessary print ads in magazines and newspapers. But […]

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How technology companies can use content marketing to stand out and grow business 

Technology can be sticky, and once you use a particular technology that mostly works, it can be hard (mentally and practically) to move away from it.  A simple example is WordPress, which I use on this blog. It allows me to easily blog from my phone and desktop. I can easily grow my mailing list […]

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Healthcare ads: Should we use actual patients?


November 7, 2016

Advertising, Health

Colin Hung wrote a great post over on the Healthcare Leadership blog and shares a video, used as a TV commercial, that includes actual patients, according to Colin’s blog post. Colin asks “How do you feel about using actual patients, families and doctors in healthcare advertising?” I have an opinion on that…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Hit me with a good story after I almost donated

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it seems everyone is running their own fundraising campaigns.  I got one email from an airline that said I could earn miles if I would donate to help fund breast cancer research. I even clicked over and picked a dollar amount for my donation and checked how many […]

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Facebook or Twitter advertising? What works better?

The answer depends a bit on your definition of “works.” I ran a test using my June “Mean Tweets” post and video. I posted this to Facebook and Twitter. Same wording, same picture, same link.  I promoted both posts, each for $50. Twitter’s promotion started right away and didn’t appear to allow me to choose […]

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How many brands bring this kind of excitement?

The other day Disney bands, which we will use on an upcoming Disney World vacation, arrived and here’s my seven-year-old’s reaction:    So exciting. Of course, we can’t actually use the bands until we go there, but they represent an experience. And of course the experience circles around many different Disney stories. She’s counting down […]

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Overstating statements get people to tune out

I was reminded the other day why it gets harder and harder to get and keep people’s attention. Take a look at this letter that I received in the mail. The outside of the envelope says: OPEN IMMEDIATELY: IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR TELEVISION ACCOUNT I did recently cut satellite television from our list of bills, […]

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Content Marketing World Chat: Traditional Media In Content Marketing

I was the guest on the #CMWorld chat on Twitter and discussed the role of traditional media in content marketing. Yup even though I like the future more than the past most days, traditional media has a role in content marketing, which we often think of as being in the digital realm only. Here are my answers […]

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Why plastic surgeons should care about Google and social media

I started looking for a plastic surgeon in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area, for a potential procedure that I may decide to have performed. So of course, I did what you do in 2014 and ’15: I searched for “plastic surgeon Cedar Rapids” on Google. I also posted this on Facebook: “Best plastic surgeons in […]

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Timing of messages important

The timing of the Cedar Rapids Curling Club’s billboard was excellent in February 2014. The organization ran this billboard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as the Winter Olympics were happening in Sochi, Russia. U.S. television viewers were shown many hours of live coverage of curling competitions. I know I was aware of them going on. Sometimes […]

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Multiple channels of advertising still important


October 9, 2012


Over the weekend I signed up to attend Diversity Focus’ Annual Meeting on Thursday. The sticker on the Corridor Business Journal, which arrived at my home on Saturday, prompted me to do this. Interestingly, this was not the first time that I heard about the event: I saw an invitation through the mail. A volleyball […]

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