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Figuring out how to watch the Winter Olympics in the USA could be an Olympic sport on its own

Much has been written about how to watch the Olympics in Korea in 2018. And there are a lot of ways to do it, including online and on more traditional TV. The 15-hour time difference to Cedar Rapids certainly isn’t making the TV watching easy either and The Onion hilariously tweeted: Exhausted Olympians Wake Up […]

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Does social media advertising work? Yes! Exhibit 1: Russian political ads in the United States

Advertising really does get a bad rep and much of it is actually deserved. Advertising and commercials rob us off time that we could spend on other things and can be quite annoying. That’s why online ad blockers are continuing to become more and more popular. But here’s the reality of things: Social media advertising […]

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How bringing advertising – like content-creation strategists – in-house can help with digital marketing projects

Additional disclaimer: I am a member of Adobe’s influencer program and am attending Advertising Week in New York City 2017 on their behalf. However, the opinions and thoughts in this article – unless otherwise stated – are mine and Adobe did not hold final editorial  approval. Whether you should have an in-house team, external content creators […]

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Should we be advertising on the new Quora advertising platform?

Quora, the online platform that allows people to answer questions related to specific topics, is now offering advertising for businesses – or really anyone with an account and a credit card. Check out the ads manager here. There are a lot of relevant discussions happening on the platform for content marketing, social media and also […]

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