How can you ensure to not miss specific people’s posts on social media?

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There are some people we just need to mute, unfollow and sometimes even block on social media. Of course it’s everyone’s own personal choice what content they want to see and which stories they want to ignore. And then, of course, there are those users – some of them power users – whose posts we don’t want to miss. Ever. In those cases we can even take the step of turning on notifications to be alerted – in some cases on our smartphones – when those users post something new. In the abundance of content on social media there’s a way to make sure to never miss some posts.

Of the currently big social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and (quickly growing) Periscope all allow you to subscribe to notifications. LinkedIn does not offer this function as of Feb. 1, 2016, as far as I can see, but by default does alert connections when people publish a post (as opposed to a status). On other networks, followers have to turn notifications on. I’m sharing here how to do that.

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Facebook Notifications for People

On Facebook, you can turn on notifications for specific users and pages that you absolutely do not want to miss. For example, you can turn on notifications for a close friend, your kids (if they are friends with you), the boss (if he/she is friends with you) or your spouse.

facebook notificationsTo turn notifications for a person on, go to their page, click on the “Friends” drop down and click on “Get notifications.” Now every time that person posts anything you’ll receive a notification – the little red 1 or 2 or whatever many notifications you might have waiting will greet you on Facebook.

Facebook also offers a “see first” in your news feed option which you turn on by going to the “Following” tab on somebody page, clicking on the drop down and changing the “default” to “see first.” That means you’ll see this person first in your stream.

see first on facebook function

Facebook Notifications for Pages

You can also receive notifications for pages. To do this, go to the page, follow the drop down on the “Liked” button. Click on “notifications.”

facebook notifications for pages

You can choose to receive notifications for all posts or just some posts (like videos, photos, photos, links or status updates). You can also receive notifications for events near you.

facebook notifications for pages signuo

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How to set up mobile Twitter notifications

Twitter allows you to receive mobile notifications for specific users. Based on your phone’s settings you can even see those notifications pop up on a locked screen. That’s something to be aware of if you follow a lot of users with notifications turned on – you might end up getting a lot of notifications. You can do this from desktop or mobile browsers or the Twitter app. Go to the person’s Twitter profile, click on the “settings” symbol and “turn on notifications.”

how to turn mobile twitter notifications on

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How to turn Instagram notifications on

Instagram, the photo-sharing app, also allows you to subscribe to notifications for specific people. Go to their profile page, click on those three dots in the upper right hand corner. The options at the bottom will pop up. Click “Turn on Post Notifications” and you are all set. Mobile notifications on your smartphone are now turned on!

instagram notifications

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How to turn Periscope notifications on

notifications on periscopeMobile notifications on Periscope, the live video app, might be most important. Even though you can watch videos for 24 hours after they were initially live streamed, the best Periscope experience happens during live broadcasts.

If notifications for a specific user aren’t turned on already – which they usually are when you start following them – find them in your list of followers and click on the icon in the bottom right to turn notifications on or off.

Quick wrap

Notifications can help you stay connected to important accounts that you want to be sure not to miss updates from. One thing to remember is that like everything really – too many notifications can be quite overwhelming. But picking a manageable amount of accounts to follow more closely works well and can help us build a closer relationship with them.