Calling customers back when a call drops is – or at least should be – a best practice

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I’ve had the same Internet company at home since we moved into our current house in 2011 and we’ve had the same modem since. As you might imagine, a 7-year-old modem stops working at some point. I’m surprised it lasted this long!

The company was quick to point out that they don’t even support that model anymore and promptly sent me a new modem for free.

When it arrived the description said that I need to go to my web browser on my computer that was plugged in through the ethernet cable. Of course, that’s not how we use the Internet at home at all and there’s no computer plugged into anything and we mostly use mobile devices on WiFi.

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I called technical support and before they sent me to a representative the auto system asked me what the best number would be to call me back if we get disconnected for one reason or another.

Wow. Great service! If you mean it! And I bet most calls don’t get disconnected so that’s a fantastic marketing tool just by showing people that you will call back if you lose them.

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The customer service representative asked me again what number would be a good number to call me back on if I needed to be called back due to a dropped call. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So we walked through the steps to get the modem to work-the key one being that I didn’t even plug in the Internet cable into the right input. At one point they put me on hold while waiting for things to connect.

While I was on hold everything started to work and we appeared to be done. So I hung up.

Within the next minute or two the representative called back because you know that was the plan if the call was dropped I hung up.

He may have even apologized that that happened and I explained that I hung up because everything was now in working order. He asked if there’s anything else he could do to offer a five star customer experience. There wasn’t!

They did send me a survey shortly after that I could answer in my email:

It was great to see that the call back question wasn’t just a marketing tool but also something the company follows through on.

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It doesn’t seem to be highly complex process but unfortunately not all companies call back. I’ve been on many calls over the years and some relatively recently where we were almost done with the transaction and the call dropped for one reason or another and I had to call back and basically do the whole thing again because they didn’t call me back. ⭐️

Offering callbacks and communicating them well is a great customer service strategy and apparently still a differentiator.

Consider offering it to your customers who are calling with problems.