[Branding commentary] What should I name my blog?

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This can be a hotly debated topic for new and even existing content marketing programs.

Yes, blogging still works. If you don’t like the term blog, think of it as sharing stories relevant to your customers and prospects. It’s long-term, top-of-funnel marketing. When done well, it works and can be cheaper than running on-and-off advertising campaigns. Blog content compounds.

Congratulations ? that you decided to start or have started. Now let’s have a bunch of committee meetings to come up with names for the blog. #snark

Snarky tweet:

BREAKING: Agency claims they are industry leading in starting unnecessary meetings on time – client on the line or not. “We are cognizant of your billable hours,” ED says. #snark #parody #contentmarketing

Seriously, this might be one of the most overthought questions in content marketing: “What should I name my blog?”

And then if that’s ever decided let’s have 12 more meetings to create a logo.

Seriously, if you can shortcut that process go for it and come up with an allegedly creative name and maybe logo, but over all my years of doing content marketing strategy I’ve rarely seen teams do this well, efficiently or to even impact results.

Creating a thought out name hardly ever drives results and a logo doesn’t either – though design matters but it can’t slow things down!

Maybe there’s some branding potential long term but so is content creation and when you trade name brainstorming for content creation it’s not a good trade in my book.

And even after all the brainstorming and buy-in sessions many teams still come up with names like these:

  • Insights
  • Stories
  • Voices
  • <topic> watch
  • News

The options are limited and just calling it one of the above or simply <Company name> Blog works just fine.

You can pay here for this branding tip. How many hours did we save here? ?

And most people won’t look for the name anyway but come to articles through search and email if you have a good list. That’s if you kick it off well.

I’ve done this before several times and now my recommendation is to just call it a blog branded with the company name.

That makes it easier to adjust topic and to not have to update marketing and URLs – though the blog should be on your main website!

See I used a bunch of names:

  • Ctrappe on WordPress
  • Eastern Iowa News
  • Christoph’s Blog with its own URL
  • Kids and Tech
  • My Fitness Tips
  • ChristophTrappe.com

    Then Authentic Storytelling

    Now rebranded as Business Storytelling but still on the same URL

At one point I was going to move to ChristophTrappe.com but then had ongoing contracts that required me to blog on here.

And really all this moving around and planning just takes time from content creation. Sure, have a plan and be strategic with it, but if you aren’t creating useful content today you are falling behind. Many competitors are!

So what’s next? Get your strategy aligned and quickly documented or updated and get going. Check out my WordCamp Pittsburgh talk here – my 7 steps to get on a schedule.