#BookLoversDay: I wanted to blog about books I bought on Amazon but there were few

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On August 9, 2018, all kinds of people were tweeting about books on Twitter and I thought that I could write a little blog post on some of my favorite books that I’ve ordered on Amazon. And of course share affiliate links with you. ??‍♀️?‍♂️

What were the latest books that I’ve ordered online? I thought. I did just finish Heather Poole’s “Cruising Attitude” book, which was fun.

But what other book did I order before then? So I went to my orders for the year and surprisingly to me didn’t find many books.

In just over seven months this year I’ve ordered 80 items including:

Of the 80 items 4 were books – 2 not even for me.

My orders used to be books ? . In fact I looked at an old wish list from a few years ago and there were virtually only books on that wish list. That’s what you did on Amazon then: buy books.

Heck, I’m selling my own books on there even.

But as a consumer, Amazon has turned into a much different kind of store for me. If I can buy it on Amazon or another site that I’ve never been on before or that I have to create a new account on and enter my credit card on yet another site Amazon will typically win.
It’s just easier with the app, two-day shipping that’s free and it’s all tied to the correct rewards credit card. Did I mention I can watch videos on Amazon? That’s just a value add. (And I hate the term value add but it really is.)
My perception is that I still read a good amount of books-I guess many of them are copies that people send me (or maybe there are fewer than I think here too).

I definitely read a lot but maybe most of it has moved online. I read websites, blogs and social media. That’s certainly not the same as a book but it still content consumption.

Amazon has turned more into a place where I go to buy things that I need. Looking at the items on the list there are very few items that don’t have a practical use and are just true luxury items.

I need razor blades to shave and it’s a decent deal to buy them on Amazon. I also buy power bars and protein powder. Could I buy them at the store? Sure but it’s about the same price as Amazon and they ship it to me in two days. I don’t even have to leave my house. #Convenience

This is also fantastic example of how we can use technology to check our perception and realities. Another example that comes to mind is my up-and-down experiences when it comes to my weight.

When I played football at the University of Iowa I gained a lot of weight, then I lost a bunch and now I’ve gained a bunch again even though on this most recent stretch of weight gain I’ve also lifted weights more than in prior years.

But nonetheless, I can log into my fitness app – where I’ve logged my weight over the years and see how it’s gone down and slowly back up:

It’s happened over years.

Just because it’s gone back up doesn’t mean I have to lose it all again-especially if I am healthy and gained muscle weight. But the technology that’s been tracking my weight-just like Amazon orders going back over years-helps me put into perspective what has actually happened over time.

So there you have it. I was surprised to learn and dig a little deeper into my Amazon purchase history and even though I can’t participate in book lovers day the way I had anticipated I’m still planning to read a hard cover book on an upcoming trip. It’s in my pile of books to read.