BOOK REVIEW: Mastering online and offline techniques to network successfully

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online and offline networking book
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Dave Delaney’s “New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline” takes readers through many of the tools available to all of us today to effectively network online and offline.

Mr. Delaney shares how cold calls, meetings over coffee and conferences – like BarCamps – work hand in hand with online methods and networks – like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, for example. Mr. Delaney walks his readers through the online and offline channels and explains the importance of connecting the two as online and offline mix more and more.

He discusses the importance of having a strong web presence, because that’s where people will look for more on you after meeting offline. “Your home on the web needs more than a welcome mat,” Mr. Delaney writes. He also shares online tools like, which can be integrated with Gmail to get more information from other networks on the people that we are emailing.

He discusses how to interact on the different current social networks and makes important points to use them to connect with people long before we ever need their help. Social media, after all, is not a marketing or advertising channel, but a useful tool when used in a way to connect with people in personal and meaningful ways.

Mr. Delaney also reminds us that no matter the tool we use genuine interest is important to connect online and offline. The book is informative, educational and detailed.

the best way to look interested is to be interested - dave delaney

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