BOOK REVIEW: Mack Collier’s “Think Like a Rock Star”

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I read Mack Collier’s Think Like a Rock Star in 2013.

Why did you read this book?

I attended Nick Westergaard’s Social Brand Forum in Coralville in October 2012. And since I registered early Nick sent me a free copy of Mack’s book. Mack also spoke at the conference and runs #Blogchat – where bloggers share tips – on Twitter every Sunday night at 8.

What’s it about?

Mack discusses why rock stars have fans and why businesses have customers. Rock stars – or musicians in general – want fans. Businesses typically want customers, Mack says.

But why don’t businesses think of their most loyal customers as fans? He talks about how rock stars empower their fans, connect with them on a personal level and how fans carry their message forward. Even when rock stars can’t connect with every single fan, other fans see the displayed connectedness and appreciation of them.

Ultimately, this connects the rock stars more to their fans and in the long run helps their business, too!

Mack shares thoughts and plans on how businesses can implement some of these fan-based approaches.

One easy-to-remember takeaway from Mack of what rock stars do: They appreciate and love their fans. They show this readily through many way. For example, by having private, surprise get-togethers at concerts like Taylor Swift has with her fans. And they even give them names that fans like, such as Lady Gaga calling her followers “Little Monsters.”

Would you recommend it?

Absolutely. We do business with people and brands that we are connected to. Engaging and connecting with customers like rock stars connect with fans can build closer connections.

Also, you can find Mack on Twitter at He has thousands of fans. I’m one of them.

Note: This also ran in the July 15, 2013 print edition of the Corridor Business Journal.