BOOK REVIEW: “Big Data Marketing” is About Relationships

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Lisa Arthur’s “Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value is not just for marketing professionals. Big Data is a topic that involves many throughout organizations, which is an important fact to remember when trying to use Big Data in a purposeful way. The better people – not just marketers – work together, the more likely it is that an organization will use Big Data effectively.

The book is about Big Data in marketing but it won’t tell you how to exactly use Big Data in your business’ marketing. Instead, the book identifies the barriers that prevent organizations from using Big Data effectively – or even at all! Just because an organization has big data doesn’t mean it’s used for any defined purpose.

It all comes down to relationships, Ms. Arthur explains. Data is “owned” by people in organizations, she explains, and at times those people are operating in silos. For example, IT has some data, marketing has other data and sales has a third set of data. And – sometimes unintentionally – these different data sets are not shared organization-wide.

She says that because data is fragmented we can’t offer customers a holistic experience: The call center isn’t linked to email promotions, for example.

Only 18 percent of marketers surveyed said they could look at all data.

How do we improve this? By building and having good relationships between C-level executives (Chief Information Officers and Chief Marketing Officers need to work together), departments and even the creation of new positions that oversee these new projects.

And then finally, these relationships lead to better relationships with outside customers, because organizations can offer personalized experiences to customers, no matter how they communicate with an organization.

“Today’s empowered consumers expect personalized, relevant interactions,” Ms. Arthur writes.

She outlines a five-step process that can help organizations get there:

  • Strategy
  • Breaking down silos
  • Untangling data
  • Metrics

  • Process

I would recommend the book to business leaders who want to use data to improve customer experiences. Even if somebody already is analyzing data, this book can still help identify areas for potential improvements.

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