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Christoph Trappe

February 25, 2014


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Blogging Topics Pets Bella VastaBella Vasta blogs on her house and pet sitting site. Her email signature identifies her as the pack leader and she has now answered a few questions for us to share her blogging knowledge with all of us.

Question: How did you decide to start the blog as part of your business site?

Bella: I decided to blog about five years ago. It first started with a man I met who did websites in my networking group. He told me that I needed a blog. I wasn’t sure why but said OK! He set up my first blog: That was my very first blog. It was not attached to my website and really just floating out there by itself. It is still “alive” today.

As I updated my website and realized how important it was to have a blog ON my website, I started doing it on my new WordPress website. Still, I really didn’t know what I was doing and was trying to do a lot of keyword stuffing in the titles and body of my work. It was awkward to say the least. Then, about four years ago I met up with Joshua Cary of Petsittingology and started really learning the full potential of a blog. It wasn’t until 2 years ago I feel that I really become efficient with it when I met Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion who really just blew the lid off blogging for me and really helped develop my passion for it!

Question: The blog is very conversational and education, while not selling. How did you come up with this content strategy?

Bella: This content strategy is taught by The Sales Lion. Basically, “They ask, you answer” I wanted to appear unbiased, educational, and build trust. In the pet sitting industry, people are looking to trust you. That is why they call a professional company and not just hire the kid next door. They are looking for peace of mind, security with their home, and of course loving detailed care to their four-legged loved one. It just made sense to get up on my soap box and become an authority in my field.

Question: Is it working?

Bella: I would say so! My goal isn’t for someone to read a blog and then hire us. That would be too much sales. Rather, I want the potential client or community to get a virtual feel for me and my company online. After all, the last time you had a question, you Googled it right? We go online for the answers to everything! Sometimes even before we call our doctor. So, if Bella’s House & Pet Sitting can become an authority or trusted source on things, then yes, it is working! The more useful my website is to the public, the more traffic will come, the more relevant Google will see me as, and the more my website will dominate in the search engine. THAT would “get me clients” although I don’t blog directly for that result.

Question: How do you know it’s working?

Bella: I know because we are consistently No. 1 on local Google searches. I am also able to send an email to many potential clients that call in with a blog that illustrates their objection or concern. That is invaluable!

Question: Especially for other business owners who want to blog and share information the way you have, what are your tips for them to get there?

Bella: 1 – You are your own worst enemy and nothing will ever be perfect. If you go to my website right now, I am sure you will find spelling and grammar errors. Simply put, it is my weakness. But if I had to hire a editor for each blog I would have 3, not 300. Don’t strive for perfection because you will never play in the game!

2 – Listen to the questions you are asked by your potential clients and existing clients and just start writing. Open your eyes to what is around you and just start writing! There is so much that you know about your industry.

3 – Never stop learning. I love following people like Marcus Sheridan, Jay Baer and others. I am constantly learning and being motivated by their ideas and it is what keeps me going.

Question: Your title in your email is listed as “pack leader.” Talk about what goes into defining and branding yourself in this kind of way publicly. How can other business owners learn from how you have branded yourself?

Bella: While others are a “owner” or “president” I am a “Pack Leader” It just makes sense in my pet sitting business. I am the leader of the pack. we have come up with many other catch phrases throughout the years and change them when others “borrow” them. Keep your brand unique and it will be obvious when others try to copy you! Always be innovative!

Disclaimers: The information provided in articles is for informational purposes only and not personalized advice. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time it's published. Enjoy and best of luck telling the best stories in your organization and life! Some articles may include affiliate links.

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