Blogging Topics: Dad’s blog aims to be resource for others

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Christian Toto writes a blog on fatherhoodI first ran into Christian Toto of when we first spoke at WordCamp Denver in 2013. He’s sharing some of his insights here.

Question: How did you decide to blog about this topic?

Christian: I work as a full-time editor at covering entertainment issues, but I still wanted a blog to call my own. I needed a topic I felt passion about, and detailing my journeys in fatherhood seemed an ideal subject. Besides, being a parent is insanely challenging, and I couldn’t pass up a way to improve my fatherly skills.

Question: How do you decide what to blog about specifically? 

Christian: I didn’t want a blog sharing cute pics of my children and stories about how dear they are on a given day. Yes, they’re cute, and they do generate lots of sweet stories. Still, the best blogs help others by sharing advice, interviewing experts in a given field and answering questions people have about the subject at hand. That’s my goal with Daddylibrium, to serve as a resource for fathers just like me.

Question: Your top tip to beginning bloggers?

Christian: Where do you begin? Know that getting a large following is a ton of work, but there are so many online resources to teach you how to draw a crowd (like If you stare at your computer screen and dread writing your next blog entry it’s time to move on. If you lack the drive to share your thoughts with others then blogging isn’t for you, and there’s no shame in that.

Question: How do you know a post really resonated with an audience?

Christian: The comments often tell the story. It’s not just that a post draws a large number of them, but it’s the energy behind the feedback. Readers appreciate when the blogger directly engages the conversation, so don’t just admire a string of good comments. Jump in and thank them for their time. From a pragmatic perspective, you can tell if a post hit social media paydirt by looking at the numbers next to your Facebook and Twitter icons!

Question: How did your find your authentic voice?

Christian: Just keep writing. The more you write, the better you become, and your voice will naturally emerge. It takes a while, sometimes, but it’s a great feeling to realize that what you’re writing reflects who you are and what you want to share with others that’s distinctly you. It’s hard to describe, but you know it when it happens.

Question: Other thoughts?

Christian: Blogging about fatherhood issues has made me a better dad, period. Plus, I’ve lured my wife into being my unofficial copy editor. That means she reads many of my posts before I hit “publish” and gives me great feedback on ways to improve each article. That back and forth has been an unexpected pleasure, and we’ve each grown to appreciate each other’s parenting skills as a result.