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Dr. Tania Howard Pritz
Dr. Tania Howard Pritz

Dr. Tania Howard Pritz, from Maryland, runs, a Women’s Lifestyle Blog. This Spotlight Q&A is with her to share insights that could help you start blogging and sharing your own authentic stories. Thanks, Dr. Tania.

Question: I love why you started the blog: In response to patients mentioning that the information you shared one on one was useful. How did you get going on publishing your thoughts and knowledge? Was it hard?

Answer: I was honored to have been asked to teach continuing education classes on perinatal chiropractic care through an online company, CE4you. Through that, I met a really great team of IT and editing professionals who approached me about branding my point of view. They make it easy! I have an abundance of “material”, i.e. conversations with my patients, that keeps the content flowing, and they make it look good and get it out there to reach more people. One of my goals is to help more people than I possibly could one-to-one. I am just thrilled to say that we have readers and fans all over the world. I never anticipated being able to help folks in Bangladesh or Stockholm, but blogging makes that possible. I am richly blessed.

Question: Any tips for others who are thinking about starting a blog?

Answer: I will give you the advice that I got from a super-successful blogger: Be authentic. It’s exhausting to keep up a persona that isn’t a true reflection of you. When I am about to rewrite something that I think is too cringe-worthy, I try to remember that advice, because a lot of the things I say make people cringe, and I’m okay with that! My style is not for everyone, but it seems to be for a lot of people.

Question: Your voice is so conversational! How did you get there? Natural, training, etc.?

Answer: When first approached about blogging, I was so nervous that my writing wasn’t good enough. As I was contemplating whether or not to move forward with it, I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea to tell a story about my pregnancy, and wrote it down like I was talking to a friend. After my now-partners read it, they said, “Where did you get this? This is incredible!”

It was a huge shot of confidence for me. That’s part of the ‘being authentic’ thing, too. Sure, I’ve pumped out my share of research papers, and articles for trade publications, but I will say those aren’t fun for me. I love that I have the opportunity to teach someone something through a story or funny anecdote. It’s how I learn best, and my goal is to help my readers to learn in that same way.

Question: How do you know what’s worth writing about and what’s not?

Answer: Hmm…that’s a good one. There are definitely certain topics that come up over and over again in my office and in my life. Those are the easy pieces. I also think it’s important to talk about things that make you uncomfortable (post-natal hemorrhoids or masturbation, anyone?). Too many of us feel we are alone, way too often. I can’t tell you how many people have thanked me for having the chutzpah for putting some of my subjects out there. I mean, here I was a doctor, and I was freaked out by some of the things my body was doing after I pushed my daughter out. The average person doesn’t have a chance! I feel called to tell it like it is; “full disclosure” is what we call it at And the rest – well sometimes I just want to get something off of my chest, and I take artistic license with that.

Question: Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

Answer: You know, I am just so thrilled to have this renewed passion for helping people in a different way, and I am so blessed that my messages are being so well received. I’m a bit of a ham, and am therefore so pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoy doing all of the radio, print and video interview opportunities that have come my way as a result of Bring it on!