Blogging frequency: How often should I publish a blog post?

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I was reminded of this topic during a summer 2017 blogchat on Twitter. Really, if you ask 10 people on what the right frequency is you likely will get 10 different answers.

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Some people will tell you that if your posts  are high-quality it’s best to publish less often. Others will tell you that blogging a few times a week still works.

The problem with writing aiming for higher quality is that that is actually a lot harder than it sounds. First of all, what’s high-quality anyways? Is it better writing? Does it mean we have better images? Or does it mean something else?

And nobody actually sets out to create mediocre content. Typically it just kind of happens. (At least I hope that statement is true. ??)

Really the audience decides what’s high-quality and what it really comes down to is the usefulness of the article to the audience. That often means it’s a unique story that does something for the reader, whether that’s educating, entertaining or something else.

And I produce and post articles that I thought were of high-quality and then they didn’t go anywhere and then I post what  I thought was just barely interesting but the audience decided that it  was of high-quality and the post took off. 

This is such a somewhat regular enough occurrence that I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to actually produce high-quality content on an ongoing basis is to continuously produce content. Some of it will be high-quality and some of it will be medium quality and some of it will be lower quality. Hopefully you can tilt the scale toward higher quality and and learn from when some articles are perceived lower quality and don’t resonate with the audience.

So once a week might be a good start and once a day might be too often. It also depends on what your blog’s topic is and how many people are involved in the blog and also how many are  participating in the production. So for example if you have 22 different people who want to share their stories and all those stories fit into the over arching business goal posting daily might not be very hard to do.

But if there’s two of you, posting daily is probably fairly impossible especially if it’s an additional task for those two people.

On this blog here I set out to blog at least once a week. But in reality I blog a few times per week. 

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This week for example this is my fifth article to publish. I didn’t actually set out to publish five articles but it just happened that way. The topics came to mind and instead of spacing them out over five weeks I just decided to publish them on consecutive days.

The other thing I like when I publish things quicker as opposed to letting them sit and publish in a couple weeks is that when things are in a holding pattern I just keep going back and keep fiddling with them. Incremental improvements may help in product development but typically don’t make a huge impact in blogging strategies like this.

So that’s the set of rules that I follow for my own blog and also in organizational storytelling projects. But I’m not necessarily too hung up on the upper limit of volume for blog posts. I’m pretty nonnegotiable on the weekly thing. Once organizations drop below weekly posts it just doesn’t seem to be enough to hit enough high-quality and highly relevant articles for audiences. 

I also try not to publish more than once a day. So for example this week’s five articles were all written before the first one published on Monday. So I could’ve published all of them on Saturday or Sunday or last week. But publishing them in quick succession just might overdo things for some audience members. For example, keep in mind a few hundred people receive my posts by email.  So if they signed up to get emails as articles publish they would likely get five emails in short succession. That is not very user-friendly of course.

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So those are my loose rules on how I publish and how often. Of course, you might have your own thoughts on how often you can publish  based on capacity, staffing and even skill set. Your goals and industry might matter as well. I should say though that  most industries have plenty of relevant stories to share.

Hopefully these tips help you determine that you want to get on a regular blogging or storytelling schedule if you choose to share stories in a place on your website other than your blog and continue on that schedule.