Blog Spotlight: Grabbing the good life of being your own boss

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josh and marie mcnaryJoshua and Marie McNary share stories from a one-income, entrepreneurial family living in Eastern Iowa’s Creative Corridor on their new blog, Grabbing the Good Life. I’m sharing some insights here on why they started the blog and what they hope to accomplish. (If you know of other blogs to spotlight here, please contact me here.)

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background that led to the creation of this blog.

A: About a year ago, Josh took the plunge into self-employment full time. While this was a very exciting time for our family, it was also a time of big changes. The life of a self-employed family is just a little different than the “nine to five” family. We were not finding the support we craved during this transitional time. Thus we decided to start a support community of our own.

Q: What’s the goal of the blog?

A: The goal of Grabbing the Good Life is to help entrepreneurial families find support and encouragement so they can embrace and enjoy the lives they are striving to create.

Q: What kind of content will you be sharing?

A: We will be sharing content relating to all areas of the self-employed / entrepreneurial family life – written from both the entrepreneur and the spouse’s point of view. We cover everything from family finances, finding balance, time management, pressures, kids & entrepreneurism, and more.

Q: What do you hope people will take from it?

A: We want people to find a sense of community and support on Grabbing the Good Life. Being a self-employed family can unite a family together like few other things. We want to give entrepreneurial families the tools and tips they need to stop stressing about the details and be able to embrace and enjoy their lives.

Q: Who might be interested in reading you blog?

A: Grabbing the Good Life provides support for anyone who is trying to keep the family at the center of their life while also wanting to work hard in their work. The blog does not only focus on entrepreneurial families. Anyone who is part of a self-employed family, who is thinking about becoming self-employed, or is interested in a true “work-life” balance will enjoy the information and stories we have to offer.

Q: Will you share personal stories?

A: Yes. We want our readers to get to know us and become friends. Readers will get a look into the highs and lows of our family life. Since this is such a personal topic, we didn’t feel we could authentically talk on this topic without sharing what has and has not worked for in these areas.

Q: How did you decide to become public about personal things?

A: We wanted our readers to understand we have been in their shoes. We are just a regular family who happens to be self-employed. We don’t have it all figured out, but we are learning a lot as we go and becoming a stronger family unit in the process. We want to share this journey. Lots of other families across the country are walking this same road of having an entrepreneur in the family. We want to walk the road together.

Q: And how can we follow updates from the blog?

A: You can follow us through our blog at You can subscribe for email updates at (We’ll only send you an email when new content is published). We would also love to connect on Facebook and Twitter.