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Update: Blab shut down in August 2016. More on that here.

blabBlab is another social media video platform that entered the market in 2015.
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You can participate in Blabs from your smartphone or your desktop/laptop computer. Accounts are easily created by signing it with your Twitter account.

Once you are in, you can easily start your own Blab or join somebody else’s. Make sure if you are on-screen that your mic is enabled. 🙂

The strength of Blabs is that you can have four people participating in an on-screen conversation while others can type in their comments. And while that’s a strength it’s also a negative as you have four people on-screen at the same time. Think about trying to have a conversation between four people offline. That’s a lot.

Anyone can join a live Blab on-screen as long as the host didn’t lock the final open seat and there are not yet four participants.

You can go live right now on Blab or even schedule a broadcast for later. The system also gives you an embed code to display the Blab on your website. That’s definitely a differentiator from Periscope, which doesn’t allow you to do that.

Finally, you can record the Blab by clicking RECORD.

Blabs are great for interviews and ongoing shows. The schedule function is nice. When you schedule a Blab people can also subscribe to it and get reminded when you go live.