Best customer service ever? American Airlines runs my lost coat to me

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You likely know that I’m basically married to American Airlines. Executive platinum – their top status – for two years running now, it’s hard for me to book on other airlines. I get upgraded to first class 86 percent of the time when flying economy.

But what happened in Charlotte likely deepened the bond even more.

I flew Cedar Rapids to Charlotte then onto JFK in New York City to catch a flight to Barcelona where I was speaking at the ibtm conference.

As I boarded in Cedar Rapids I decided to put my coat in the overhead bin and my backpack with laptop underneath the seat in front of me. I needed access to my laptop to work!

That was a mistake. Not the working, but the coat in the bin. It’s a dumb decision anyway because in first class they take your coat and hang it up. I used 57,000 miles to fly first CID-CLT-JFK. Potentially best mileage rate redemption for me ever!

Anyway, I grabbed my backpack and roller bag plane side. The deplaning took a bit because they had issues aligning the jet bridge. Me watching that may have contributed to my inattentiveness.

When we deplaned I grabbed my bag from the underneath the seat in front of me and headed out to grab my roller bag.

My coat was safely stored in the overhead bin. Ugh.

I didn’t even realize it for an hour or so while working at the Admirals Club in Charlotte. I tweeted American and they said that somebody will go and take a look.

A while later, they tweeted me again saying that the coat was found. I was paged at the club and they told me it will be at the next gate for me.

Whoa! I got to the new gate which wasn’t that close to the my previous flight’s gate and there was an agent waiting for me with my coat folded neatly and wrapped with a cord.

Whoa. If that’s not a customer-focused example I don’t know what is.

Thanks American Airlines and stories like that certainly help with loyalty.