Be thankful for what you have while striving for improvement

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Going on vacation in Maine can let you leave in envy. 😊

  • Private islands
  • $1.3 million ocean front summer homes 🏡
  • Yachts
  • Etc.

Some of the summer homes that I saw were bigger than my all-season home. Some private islands had homes for year-around caretakers.

It's easy to be envious boating by those places for us regular people. I wish I could have that … and, then of course more.

Before you call whine-1-1 and a whambulance for me, don't feel too sorry for me. While I might not have any of those things above or even need them, I'm doing fine:

  • I have a job.
  • I get to travel the world to help organizations tell better stories.

  • My commute rocks: A leisurely walk down the stairs. Only traffic jam happens when my kids are in the way. 😂
  • My kids are healthy.
  • I'm happily married.

I've been so blessed that in 2014, I was able to post one thankful moment per day every day. The whole year. It wasn't even that hard. I got the idea from somebody on Twitter (consider trying it!).

So I probably can't complain and maybe even shouldn't.

  • Nobody in my family is starving
  • Nobody is worrying about having clothes or housing
  • We have two cars – not even sure we really need two!
  • My kids participate in activities
  • We go on vacations
  • Etc.

But yet it's easier to focus on what's next than what's now.

Really, I don't need an island or a yacht. That doesn't mean I can't push for continuous improvement and success. I do. Riding the wave of improvement and learning makes the journey fun.

Appreciating what we have in the moment might be hard, but not impossible.

Time flies so quickly.
If you have kids, think of how quickly they grow up. In a blink of an eye they are through sports, high school and off to college or work.

There are way too many things from years or even decades ago that are milestones today, but then it was easy to glaze over them.

  • Scholarship to play Big 10 football! Yay! How do I get into the starting 11?
  • Awesome and successful campaign just got done ✅. How do I do that even better?

It's hard. Especially for those us driven by by constant attempts at innovation and – dare I say – influencing growth. You can't do that by standing still.

But nonetheless: Enjoy the moment and strive to improve tomorrow. Celebrate for a moment, be aware of the positivity and strive for more and better tomorrow. Just don't let tomorrow become the day after tomorrow. But there's also no need that tomorrow always becomes this second.

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