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Are LinkedIn groups still worth the effort?

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As for many things in digital marketing the answer of course is: it depends.

As a consumer, I haven’t used LinkedIn groups myself very much and turned off email notifications for them a long time ago. It was just too much spam and too much chest bumping by members of those groups.

To get us started here: what’s a LinkedIn group anyways? It’s basically an area that forms around a topic, event or brand and then members share content around that area of interest.

Facebook has a similar feature and they call it Facebook groups.

In theory, the concept of groups works and I have seen more positive reports when it comes to Facebook groups. Maybe it has something to do with people constantly being on Facebook. I don’t know.

The general consensus on Twitter, including in a poll I’m currently running for another seven days here, is that they’re not worth it:

“I agree almost all mine have very little traffic and I can’t tell you the last time I checked one.” – said Jonathan Mast on Twitter.

I used to be a member of many groups and maybe I still am but I also don’t check them routinely.

Mike Mathews says that “I’ve got one private group that is moderately active, all others are degenerating daily.”

Mark Hindle responded to my Twitter poll and said that “a group’s success depends upon its management content and frequency. If you measure based upon interactions most will fail. Often group membership is identifiable and hence many will read content and not respond. #conundrum for #Fundraising #IMHO.”

And Mark hits home on an important point is that what does it mean for something to be worth the effort? Are we looking for people to comment and if so why or are we looking for people to read and that’s that. Or are we looking for people to click to come to our site for more? They are never worth it if you’ve smoked the ROI crack and think every new member immediately will turn into gold.

Check out my story archive on ROI here.

I do often hear people talk about engagement only being engagement when people leave comments. Some people will even argue that liking something isn’t a true form of engagement and is almost lazy. Of course many more people usually read than like and often more people like than comment. And the number of people clicking on links is somewhere in the middle usually on the lower end of the spectrum.

But the measurement depends on your goal! It’s like gym goals: if I want lose weight I shouldn’t go to the gym and do exercises that help me bulk up.

And then I also heard from people who still are seeing growth in their groups.

Mark Walls reported that “I still get 5-10 new members a day. Overall engagement has dropped for sure but have seen some discussions lately with 20-30 contributors which is good.”

So as I mentioned in my first paragraph it all depends. For me personally I have not seen much value in LinkedIn groups. I also haven’t seen much value for the most part in Facebook groups. Part of it is that I don’t need any more notifications than what I’m already getting and both of those areas often send notifications.

For your brand and your audience you have to evaluate if groups are a way to go.

Of course, you’ll have to run an audience growth strategy to invite members and then implement a member engagement strategy, which includes approving members and then engaging with members.

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