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Are LinkedIn endorsements worth it?

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You likely have seen endorsements on LinkedIn. You can endorse people for specific skills. These are one-click engagements – so super quick. And much quicker than recommendations – which are written out.

Endorsements look like this on your profile once you have some:

Some people have argued on social media that endorsements aren’t worth that much. If people wanted to endorse you in a meaningful way that they should write a recommendation.

Not sure why some people feel so strongly about it. I enjoy and appreciate it when people endorse or recommend me. Either way, one point of contention was that people would endorse other people when they didn’t have much basis on the endorsement. In other words: They had never seen the person perform the task they were endorsing them for.

As of early February 2018, it appears that LinkedIn listened to this outcry feedback. I went to endorse somebody – based on what I knew about them and once I did I got this popup:

First of all I was asked to rate how good they were at the area of endorsement.

Once I clicked that I got this screen:

LinkedIn is now qualifying what I’m basing my endorsement on by asking me how I know the person deserves an endorsement.

I’m not sure how this will be weighed and displayed – if it will be even. But it certainly a good step in my opinion.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here.

I’ve always felt LinkedIn endorsements were worth something – maybe not as much as a written recommendation. But having dozens of endorsements in a skill certainly stands for something.

I applaud LinkedIn for apparently trying to add more context to it. We’ll see how it evolves.

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