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And that’s it for phone numbers I have memorized and actually work 

Christoph Trappe

November 28, 2015


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Remember how those of us older than 25 or so used to have to memorize phone numbers?

  • Our home number 
  • Mom and/or dad’s work phone 
  • Grandparents
  • Etc.

My grandma and mom’s numbers were two of the last numbers that I still had memorized. I used to call them from rotary phones, then push-button phones and most recently from Skype (as I had moved to the United States and they live in Germany).

Besides their numbers, I couldn’t recite my office’s number, or my boss’, or really anyone I know. They are in my phone. I push their names and the call goes.

Really,  I make or get few phone calls. Texts or emails are dominating most one-on-one conversations. I chat more with my sister in Germany on Facebook Messenger than I talk to her as well.

My grandma died a few years ago, but interestingly I can still recall her number today. I certainly called her enough times.

My mom’s number changed this week and I did with the new number what you do with phone numbers in 2015 – I put it in my phone. Chances are slim that I will ever need to memorize it.

It likely won’t have as many memories attached to it either. I won’t use it to call for rides, report a flat tire on my bike or  the hundreds of other times I called to get help with one thing or another. 

I’m sure I won’t forget the old number anytime soon, but my mom is still only a push of a button away. 

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