[Analysis] Does social media help with SEO?

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This has been a hotly debated topic in the content marketing community and interestingly, I haven’t written about it! Look at me be shy. Ha. And then I blabbed on an interiors + sources webinar on social media for interior designers.

Interior designers can build brands and drive business results with social media and content marketing. No doubt. Anyone can really when they put their minds to it and have a story to share AND share it!

Details on how content marketing for interior designers works!

So in the webinar (which you can also watch below) I mentioned many advantages of social media, including its impact on search engine optimization. It’s true. It helps. Let me show you.

Every month, there are 40 searches for my name (Christoph Trappe) in the United States, 10 in Canada, 10 in Germany, 10 in the United Kingdom, 10 in India. So that’s 80 already. Maybe I could get to 100-plus with other countries. I got tired digging deeper. That’s according to Uber Suggest keyword data:

So people are searching for me and I’m showing for my own name. That’s good but not always a given. Certainly, I don’t have the most common name in the world so that helps, too.

And I rank in all many of the world’s countries – at least the ones I looked up above. Interestingly, my social media profiles dominate Page 1. Take a look:


Linkedin, Twitter – even a Twitter stream, Facebook and Instagram are all there. My page on this blog also ranks.

So case closed in my mind: Social media does impact SEO.

The people who search for my name do that for a reason. They want to check me out. Maybe they heard me at a conference. Or a colleague recommended me. Who knows, but there likely is some kind of potential business reason.

What’s good about the results is that I basically own and control the content. I post constantly to all those social media channels so I have control over what people see.

Of course, content matters and the only way to have all roads on the search engine page results page lead to me is by me creating and running those accounts. Companies can do that, too.

  • Create accounts
  • Post things are somewhat regular intervals
  • Engage with people

This is for a branded search for my name obviously, but I’ve seen tweets show up in non-branded search. Not sure about the other networks.

Social media might not drive SEO traffic like a well-optimized article on a blog, but it certainly has a place and I’m glad I have those networks up and running and post at regular intervals.

Social media for interior designers webinar replay

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