Amazon Prime: Is this brilliant marketing or a waste of email space?

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Amazon Prime-which costs somewhere over $100 per year-gets us free shipping from Amazon and also access to Amazon video. Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan. ❤️

And it’s a fantastic service that ends up saving me a lot of money-at least in my budgetary perception.

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I have been a member for a number of years and I kind of look at it as a basic Amazon feature now. In fact, I get annoyed when an item doesn’t ship as Amazon Prime. Even my book, which is printed on demand, is available and shipped via Prime.

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So anyway – I’m a big fan. But I also noticed when Amazon changed its email subject lines. Here is what they used to say:

Your Amazon Order of xxxx has shipped.

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They updated the subject line and in July 2018 it started reading:

Your Prime order of …

The first time I received this email it got my attention and I was wondering if I had to pay more. Which of course is the dumbest reaction ever since I’ve had the service for years and I know I already pay a relatively small fee for it.

But it got me to look again. And now every purchase that I make on Amazon and most of them are being sent to me via Amazon Prime will remind me that I am using the service of Amazon Prime.

I’m smelling an increase in the cost again next year. LOL.

But really, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy because marketing is about perception. If I see the value and feel the value I might be willing to pay more for the service.

Of course, the only way to truly remember the value is for somebody to remind us of what we just used. The subject line of an email letting me know that my order my Amazon Prime order – has shipped is exactly the way to do that.

Amazon text alerts do not call out Prime – yet:

It sounds so simple to update an email subject line but yet as far as I know they hadn’t done it before. Nonetheless, I find it to be a very smart choice to brand a highly valuable service.