ADVERTISING: Try this to drive up your digital ad click through rate (CTR) with less work!

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I see the CTR reports and marketers often don’t like them. I’m with you. I spent how much for a 0.003 CTR? Oy.

And then I saw my pretty standard CTRs at over at least 0.12 percent:

That’s still not huge, but why is it higher? Here’s one theory:

I only submit one ad to Google Ads that they will then run based on my campaign’s settings. Since I only submit one that is the only one that runs and since many sites still have different ad spots with different sizes each it’s nearly impossible that this happens to me:

See, these American Express ads are showing up three times on the same page. Probably because I checked out one of their bonus points deals and now they are following me around the web retargeting to me.

If Amex is after impressions and brand awareness only this is great. But it they are looking st their CTRs later they are artificially lower than what they should be. I’m interested in the deal but I can only click once you know!

Do not run multiple ads on a page if you are after a higher CTR!

I also know why everyone submits all different sizes of ads. It happened to me. A friendly and helpful designer asked me if I wanted all seven sizes of ads. “Just checking. That’s what we always do.”

The last part of that sentence was the trigger for me as I have allergic reactions usually to people telling me “that’s how we have always done it.”

This was different. It was a conversation starter. I appreciated it. I started thinking! About time! Bahaha.

The Google Ad gurus (not me!) might have a more sophisticated answer to this. But I see this 8-ads-a-page thing so often that I’m starting to believe it’s just an oversight.

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Of course, one problem with digital ads is that the client marketer may never even see them. Digital is not like print where everyone gets the same issue. In digital, only the audience will see them. That’s another problem why the numbers must be good!

Targeted advertising works and is useful in my opinion. I use it from time to time. The higher the stakes in a project the more likely I am to run ads. But who wants to waste money? Nobody! So don’t by running too many ads!

To drive up CTRs make sure to not run more than one ad per page. And this could be the answer. Keep in mind that even though your CTR is going up with this change, the actual number of leads should stay the same. In theory.

Let me know if you learn something different or have questions here.