ADVANCED LINK BUILDING: How to get links from high-ranking sites

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Inbound links still matter. Advanced link building, of course, is an ever moving target and people link back for various reasons.

Understanding the reasons why other sites might link to you can also increase your chances of getting that coveted link. Reasons people link could include:

  • You actually have useful content that that site’s audience might care about
  • Ego. You told them how awesome you think their content is and now they link back as a reciprocal matter.
  • Financial. For example when somebody asked for a link you might offer them a sponsored link for fee. (That’s what I usually do on here when I get unsolicited requests.)
  • You have more context on something they briefly touched on their article.

The importance of advanced link building is especially true and noteworthy when a site with a lot of traffic and authority links to you. The traffic can be noticeable, helpful and relevant.

Of course, there are many advanced link building tactics that people have used over the years. One of the latest I keep seeing involves very targeted emails to people who wrote about your target keyword recently.

Using the technique also highlights the importance of writing with target keywords in mind.

Of course, there are many keyword tools out there and I’ve recently started and appreciating Neil Patel’s new Uber suggest.

For example, I went in there and took a look at what people are searching for when it comes to link building and related topics like advanced link building. For sake of argument and demonstration, let’s say I’m going after the term advanced link building – which has a search volume of about 70 per month according to Neil’s site, so I would consider it a rather long tail keywords.

Step one of course is to figure out what I have to say that’s unique about that topic.

Then write that and distribute across all the different channels.

Now the next step is something that seems to be relatively new or at the very least I didn’t run across it until more recently -i.e. 2018.

Go to Google Alerts and set an alert for advanced link building. ⬅️ The keyword I’m targeting in my audience growth here.

I would recommend to set alerts to come in as they happen (as Google runs across them basically).

When a site shows up that is usually a good sign that it’s indexing well on Google and that it has at least a decent amount of visibility in search.

I see this unfold every time I’m quoted on somebody’s website about a topic I know a thing about. The sites that have a good amount of visibility typically show up in my Google Alerts before the sites even email me. As you might imagine I have an alert active for my name and various misspellings.

Once your alert is set, now when a site pops up that has relevant content, you go and visit that site and see if there’s a way to contact somebody with that site.

If possible, send them an email and write something to this effect:

Dear awesome content creator:

I just read your fantastic article on <insert topic and link>.

I really enjoyed it because <insert reason>.

You might be interested in a related article that we published: <insert title and link>.

It might even be of interest to your readers and if you wanted to link to our article from within your article we would happily support your decision to do so.


Advanced Link builder

It might be worthwhile setting up a spreadsheet with the keywords and your related articles. That way when people respond you actually remember which article you want them to link to.

So there you go. That’s a tactic that might be worth trying and of course, it makes writing with keywords in mind even more important.

How many people will actually link back? Just like anything in digital marketing it’s probably a numbers game. So if 10-30 percent emailed link I would probably call that a success.