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#AdobeSummit: Why would I ever need a 3D photograph of myself?

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Disclaimer: Adobe invited me to the Adobe Summit North America 2017. This post was not approved by them. They didn’t even get a preview. It’s my opinion and if you agree it’s yours too. 😂🤔

 I often try to avoid the booths (aka vendor) area at conferences but try to at least get a quick glance at what’s new. One booth at the Adobe Summit that caught my eye was this Shapify booth. 

They put you in this big scanner-type machine. Think airport security, but it takes a little longer. 

And once in it it looks like this:

Those walls then swing around  to “scan” you. Hold that smile for 12 seconds please. 

When that’s done the scanned image looks like this and that’s downloadable: 

Depending on your pose you can use it as an animation or print a figurine like this:

I was chatting with an exec later who did this too and he said: “I just send the file to my 9-year-old to print on his 3D printer.” Cool!

What was interesting about that booth too is this story I saw happen a number of times:

I walked up. Examined what it was. Asked some questions and said out loud: “Why would I ever need a figurine of myself!” The person in line said they had that same thought. And then got into line. So did I. 😱😂 That line was getting longer and longer. 

I don’t really need that figurine but it was interesting enough to try. Maybe I could offer them for sale when I speak? LOL. 

Anyway, it was a cool process to see and try. If you stand a certain way you can animate yourself online. 

In storytelling, 3D printing or animation could make a story even better. You can show something or somebody in 3D online. Let’s say an organization is prototyping some new uniforms, this is another way to showcase that prototype.

Certainly, there are ways to use this new technology more and more in storytelling. A handheld scanner would be a good idea. I wonder if that exists yet. 

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