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10515127_10204931625790957_1669007695467292670_oWhat’s the Authentic Storytelling Project? It’s information for brands and people about being heard by consumers and community members who are short on time. Authentic Storytelling is about sharing content that people make time for – even when they are busy.

Businesses, brands and communities can prosper when we all share our authentic stories. Yes, that includes social media, your website and who knows what’s going to be invented next.

Christoph Trappe, an U.S.-based digital branding strategist, blogs here about story development, distribution and audience engagement. Most everything here can be applied to social media, blogging, websites and e-newsletters – among other digital channels.


Peter Block on a visit to Iowa’s Creative Corridor has said that “if a story isn’t told, it dies.” We don’t want that. Especially when the story is good, meaningful and engaging.

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