A guy’s perspective: Do women really make most healthcare decisions? 

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I hear those studies often: “Since women make most healthcare decisions, marketers need to …”
When I hear the studies and statements I sometimes would think: “Oh sure. Maybe. But I can and do make my own decisions.”
And that’s true, but then I look at what actually causes me to go see a doctor! It’s not me. It’s my wife suggesting that I should. 

“Christoph, maybe you should get that (what turned out to be a hernia) checked out.”

“Christoph, these moles should probably get checked by a doctor. “

And the list goes on. Virtually, all of my doctor visits start off with my wife suggesting them. 

Now, I suppose I still make the final decision on whether or not to go through with an appointment. And there’s been some I pushed out for months. But she certainly owns the Awareness and maybe even the Consideration phases (if we are talking Marketing Funnels here).

Why don’t I own those phases? Good question. I tend to push things like that aside. 


Oh, it’s not hurting THAT bad. 

And really, there’s nothing wrong with her speaking up. It’s appreciated. And even if she’s not making the final and actual healthcare decision for me, her influence is certainly helping it being made. 

Personal experience aren’t studies, sure, but they can back up studies and make them believable to us.