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How to move customers from the physical world to online [Marriott example]

Estimated read time: 3 minutesThe short answer is: it’s hard. From QR codes to links to vague comments in magazines consumers scream: “Do. Not. Make. Me. Do. Something.” I don’t even want “bonus” content. I barely liked what I just read. Nonetheless print campaigns […]

About Christoph Trappe

Estimated read time: 5 minutes Christoph has helped companies share their unique stories more efficiently and better to reach prospects and retain existing customers. He has run content marketing campaigns across many industries, including: healthcare nonprofits SaaS publishing technology professional services In his career, he […]

Keynote speaker: Launch your podcast and livestream better

Estimated read time: 6 minutesI’m happy to discuss giving a virtual keynote or on-site keynote at your conference. Feel free to browse topics below. I currently focus mostly on helping companies integrate livestreaming and podcasting into their integrated content strategy. Christoph’s top-rated “Going Live: Livestream […]